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Active Community Voice Projects

CF Foundation’s community Voice is looking for input on a variety of topics. Here is the text of their request.

We wanted to make sure you were aware of the three Community Voice surveys that are currently open.  Please see below for more information about each project, as well as to participate.

Patient-Centered Research Outcomes

Opportunity: Needs Assessment Survey
Respond by: Wednesday, December 12

Help inform researchers from the University of Washington who are conducting a needs assessment to inform a new patient-engaged research training program for CF patients and caregivers, clinicians, researchers and other CF stakeholders.

Needs Assessment Survey

Impact Grant Topics

Opportunity: 5-minute survey 
Respond by: Friday, December 14

Help us better understand what types of programs would most benefit the CF community through the Impact Grants program and what the impact has been from past awardees.

Impact Grants Survey

Community Voice End of Year Survey

Opportunity: End of Year Survey 
Respond by: Wednesday, December 19

Help us prioritize how to improve Community Voice in 2019!

End of Year Survey

For questions or more information, please email

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