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Adapting to the Evolution of Care

“Adapting to the Evolution of Care” is the theme of CFFC’s 2021 Education Day event on Wednesday, August 4th. The theme is inspired by the blog posts of Gunnar Esiason and Darcy Cunningham, our presenters. If you want to study up, you can review their posts at

The simple title covers a lot of ground. The evolution in CF care includes new treatments (like Trikafta), resulting changes in life expectations, changes in an individual’s support system (like move from parent to self to significant other), and changes in the care team (like moving between centers or turnover in center staff). Cutting across all these aspects are the concepts of advocacy and mental health.

To do justice to such a broad topic, the program will be divided between a keynote presentation by Darcy and Gunnar followed by a Q&A session with them to go deeper into the areas that interest you most. The program will start with the keynote after a brief introduction at 6:30 PM. We will take a break from the main program at 7:30 PM when we will here from our sponsors. We will open the Q&A session at 8:00 PM with a wrap up targeted at 9:00.

The big change from prior Education Days is the medium. To respect the goal of infection control (heightened by the COVID pandemic), this year’s program will be virtual. We will be presenting the program through Zoom. Stay tuned for details about connecting to the event.

We’re looking forward to a program that is, in Gunnar’s words, “a nice blend of educational and entertaining content.”

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