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CCFC Facebook Posts – October 2017 – Part 2

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the second half of October 2017.

10/17/2017Your PFT is Just a Number – Gunnar’s look at PFTs (see our post on 10/5 for another view).

10/18/2017Maintaining A Healthy Relationship While Raising A Child With CF – The same rule applies to CF care as airplane emergencies: “Take care of yourself so you can help your child.”

10/20/2017Discovery Could Help Cystic Fibrosis Patients Get Rid of Bacteria That Attack Their Lungs – Another step toward treatments that can defeat bacteria defenses.

10/22/2017 – Polyphor launches the development of an inhaled antibiotic murepavadin – Europe is investing in research to provide new inhaled antibiotic therapies.

10/23/2017Teenage Rebellion With Chronic Illness – Transition to adulthood is a tough time in life; nade even tougher by CF.

10/24/2017How I Deal With Genetic Discrimination and Bullying – Gunnar provides his take on responding to negative reactions to CF.

10/25/2017North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference – Live Streaming – Here’s an opportunity to listen in on leading edge discussions on a wide variety of topics relating to CF care.

10/26/2017Why Should You Register for NACFC Live Stream Sessions? – A follow up yesterday’s post with one person’s view on why you should participate in the North American CF Conference via live streamed sessions.

10/27/2017College with CF: Staying Healthy – A first hand account of the challenge of staying health at college.

10/28/2017Synspira Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase 1a Study of SNSP113 in Cystic Fibrosis – Another entry in oral antibiotic treatments.

10/29/2017After 22 Years, I’m Taking a Stand for My Health – Here’s one of the more extreme stories about becoming an advocate for your health care.

10/30/2017Strength in numbers: How biofilms outfox antibiotics – We have posted may articles articles concerning research around biofilms. This article gives good background information on biofilms.

10/31/2017Cystic Fibrosis Ireland Starts ‘Fight to Breathe’ Film Campaign to Spotlight Patients’ Daily Struggles – A public awareness campaign in Ireland that just might work in the US, too.

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