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CF Roundtable – Summer 2019

The Summer 2019 edition of the CF Roundtable quarterly newsletter was just released by United States Adult Cystic Fibrosis Association, Inc (USACFA). The primary focus of this issue is planning for education and Careers.

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The contents of the current issue are described in the Editor’s Comments presented below.

We are happy to tell you of two new directors of USACFA. They are Mark Anthony Tremblay and Tré LaRosa. You may read more about them on pages 26 and 27.

We also have some sad news of a former director, Richard “Rich” DeNagel. Rich, who had been both a director and a columnist, died in May. Please see his obituary on page 39.

Once again we have an issue that is full of good articles by a variety of authors. I hope that you have read the front cover where Amy Sylvis clues us in on the cross-infection protection guidelines from the CFF.

This leads us right into the Focus topic of this issue, which is ENT Problems and Sinus Disease. Jeanie Hanley writes of vestibular problems. Andrea Eisenman tells of her six sinus surgeries. Katie Lockwood discusses her lack of a sense of smell. Sydna Marshall and Brittany Wager tell of their differing results from obliteration of the frontal sinuses. I bring up my sinus pain and surgery in “Speeding Past 50.”

In “Ask The Attorney,” Beth Sufian answers questions from readers about household deductions for SSI and overpayments of Social Security. Isabel Stenzel Byrnes talks about being special in “Spirit Medicine.”

Be sure to check out the review by Rob De La Noval of the book — Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life — by Mallory Smith. Also, take a look at “Information From The Internet” that is so ably compiled by Laura Tillman. We find Rebecca Mueller “In The Spotlight.”

Three people have contributed to “Voices From The Roundtable.” They are Alexis Schuller, who writes of the monkey wrenches that CF can throw into our plans for our lives and how to work with that. Mark Anthony Tremblay writes of being sober for 32 years and working to help others. Emily Trout tells of her journey toward transplant.

I am using the final lines of this column to let you know that I no longer will be one of the editors of CF Roundtable. Although I have enjoyed working on this publication for 29 years, it is time for me to get out of the way and let younger, more qualified people do the work. I will still do my column, but I won’t be involved in the everyday work of production of the newsletter. I feel sure that there will be a space in my life that had been filled by doing things for USACFA that now will give me time for other things. I already have started on my backed-up sewing projects. Who knows, I might even get some of that huge pile of projects finished.

I know that Sydna and Andrea will continue to produce an outstanding newsletter. Their hard work is what makes it possible for all of us to have CF Roundtable to enjoy.

Stay healthy and happy,

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