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CFFC Facebook Post – October 2021 – Part 2

10/16/2021Black History Month: Understanding diversity in our community – Don’t be confused: Black History Month is in different section of the calendar in the UK. The outcomes of the study mentioned in this article are like to to be relevant on this side of the Atlantic.

10/17/2021Balancing CF With My Physically Demanding Job – Within this interesting story, the blogger offers good advice: “slow down when needed.”

10/18/2021Epicore Launches Wearable Patch to Analyze Sweat of CF Patients – Noninvasive tests always a plus. With the advent of CFTR modulators, sweat tests have significance beyond initial CF diagnosis.

10/19/2021 – Another Year, More Holiday Cheer – Brighten up your home – or the home of a friend with CF – with a holiday wreath or poinsettia. Check out the details in the linked article. [NOTE: Offer is now closed.]

10/20/2021Development of gene therapy treatment for cystic fibrosis moves to the next stage – Good things are happening in the UK regarding gene therapy.

10/21/2021Letting Go of People Who Didn’t Accept My CF – This blogger shares her struggle in finding the balance between “fitting in” and “being yourself.”

10/22/2021Tomorrow’s Leaders Career Growth Panel – An opportunity to hear from five local individuals on how they found their way to success. [NOTE: Event will be held on 11/10]

10/23/2021 – Gut Microbiome Slow to Develop, Offer ‘Normal Benefits’ in CF Infants – This may be more than you wanted to know about intestinal bacteria, but the study could lead to improved nutrition for CF kids.

10/24/2021Moving the development of new antibiotics for CF lung infections closer to the clinic – This new approach to antibiotics testing based in the UK, and co-funded by the US CF Foundation, will benefit researchers around the world.

10/25/2021Making Tough Decisions To Keep Our Daughter Safe – Dealing with the pandemic is tough. Having your first child is tough. Having a child with CF is tough. This blog post puts all three together.

10/26/2021 – Another Year, More Holiday Cheer – Reminder: You have until November 1st to place an order for a holiday wreath or poinsettia. To be delivered to you, a family member or a friend. [NOTE: Offer is now closed.]

10/27/2021BreatheCon 2021 panel recordings now available (con selecciones en español) – If you couldn’t carve out time to attend BreatheCon 2021 last month, you can now view six of the sessions on your own timetable.

10/28/2021The effects of getting older with CF – This report from UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust has a discussion of cancer within the CF community.

10/29/2021Feedback to My Son’s CF Care Team: Together, We Make It Better – Here’s a personal, behind-the-scenes story of the new survey you may receive after clinic visits.

10/30/2021Liver Disease in CF Appears Linked to Problems in CFTR Protein – Liver disease is one of the many medical problems in the CF community. This study suggests that the disease can be directly related to the defective CFTR gene.

10/31/2021Manitoba Becomes Final Province to Commit to List Life Changing Cytic Fibrosis Drug – A Canadian with CF has been featured in an ad regarding government involvement in setting drug prices. It seems logical to share the view from CF Canada in this summary of their efforts to date in making Trikafta available to the Canadian CF community.

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