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CFFC Facebook Posts – April 2018 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of April 2018.

04/02/2018 AbbVie CF Scholarship Filing Deadline – Apply for financial help with your continuing education – or pass the word to someone else.

04/03/2018How One Conversation Led Me to Being More Intentional About My Life – A woman describes her breakthrough in taking charge of her life.

04/04/2018Toddlers and Tobramycin: being a mum with cystic fibrosis – We know that CF adds extra challenges to your life. Here’s a unique experience from a mother in England.

04/05/2018Facemasks as Good as Mouthpieces for Breathing Tests in Young Children, Study Finds – Research on methodology is also important.

04/06/2018Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture – New information has been CFFC’s event calendar for the 38th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture. The topic will be “Beyond the Lungs, the New GI Frontier in CF” The updated calendar entry also includes the link for the live webcast of the presentation.

04/07/2018Caregiving for CF – Some people living with CF share thoughts on their caregivers.

04/08/2018CF MiniCon:Transplant – Rescheduled – CFF’s MiniCon on Transplant has been rescheduled to August 15th. The announcement includes an opportunity to participate in the planning if you apply by April 13th.

04/10/2018Self-Love & Chronic Illness – Another look at the “take care of yourself” philosophy.

04/11/2018Most CF Patients Would Like to Monitor Their Lung Function at Home, Survey Shows – Another study where the results did not produce any surprises. However, such analysis is important to add objective statistics to intuitive conclusions.

04/12/201838th Kit Taylor Lecture Recap – You now have the opportunity to watch Dr. Steven Freedman’s presentation at the 38th Annual Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture. You also have a limited time to submit questions to Dr. Freedman.

04/14/2018Growing Up With a Sibling Who Has CF – The perspective of life with CF from a young sibling.

04/15/2018The Winner of the Cystic Fibrosis March Madness Bracket – Coughing – Gunnar created a March Madness competition to discover what people think is the most annoying aspect of CF. This blog has the final report.

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