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CFFC Facebook Posts – April 2018 – Part 2

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the second half of April 2018.

04/16/2018 – New lungs, new lease on life for Canandaigua woman – A terrific story in it’s own right, but such a powerful message for National Donate Life Month. New York lags behind the national average in registering as a donor; let’s move that percentage higher.

04/17/2018Breathe for Bea Foundation Scholarship – A new resource for CFers pursuing higher education.

04/18/2018Bacteria Can Pass Memory of Biofilm Formation to Descendants, Study Shows – This seems to be a nasty side effect of the inability to fully eradicate bacterial exacerbations.

04/19/20184 Tips for Balancing Motherhood With CF – These tips are more relevant with motherhood becoming more common for women living with CF.

04/20/2018How Can We Improve Mental Health In The Cystic Fibrosis Community? – Gunnar offers some ideas on how to approach mental health issues in the CF community.

04/21/2018Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 180: The Pre-Transplant Process featuring Dr. Arcasoy from CUMC – Lung transplantation is a major step in the life of someone with CF; therefore, advance preparation is critical. This podcast gives good information on the lead-up to surgery.

04/22/2018Orkambi’s Components Trigger Liver Enzyme That Decreases Its Ability to Fight CF, Study Finds – Over time, unanticipated effects of new drugs are discovered. In this case, a study suggests that the bodies reaction to Orkambi reduces the drug’s effectiveness.

04/23/2018Trusting My Community With the Ultimate: My Son’s Care – This blog points to the importance of a strong – and extensive – support network.

04/24/2018Making mucus manageable – This article points out that researchers in Europe are also looking for answers to CF mucus.

04/25/2018Celebrating Excellence in Lung Transplant Research & Care – Here’s a look at transplantation across the northern border.

04/26/2018Survey on Advanced Practice Providers – Please help with this initiative to elevate care in our CF centers.

04/27/2018Having resilience with CF – A sampling of individual observations on the importance of resilience in living with CF.

04/28/2018How I Use YouTube to Connect to Others With CF – A woman describes how she connects to her peers.

04/29/2017Woman spends record six days without lungs thanks to ground-breaking procedure – This article is over a year old but it stands the test of time. While these circumstances are unique, the lessons learned in the procedure could improve the success of lung transplantation.

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