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CFFC Facebook Posts – April 2021 – Part 1

04/01/2021Taking Trikafta Topped My Experience on Reality TV – Brianna Collichio is not the only person with a connection to Trikafta to get her chance on TV.

04/02/2021Supporting Your Adolescent’s Mental Health During the Pandemic: A Conversation for Parents – Mental health is a long-standing issue in the CF community that has been exacerbated by the pandemic protocols. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is offering help through this virtual conversation. [NOTE: Panel discussion was held April 7th.]

04/03/2021Unpopular Opinion: I Know What I Need, but the Healthcare System Doesn’t – CF is commonly thought of as a lung disease, but it is way more complex than that. When that complexity intersects with the healthcare system, you may experience the frustration expressed in this blog.

04/04/2021“A team effort” – Cicely’s story of transition to adult care – As noted in this blog, transition is different for everyone. In this case, Cicely turned some tough time into an opportunity to get acquainted with her new care team.

04/05/2021Trikafta Found Safe, Effective for Children Ages 6–11 – With all the attention given to the expansion of COVID vaccine access, you may have missed the extension for the use of Trikafta.

04/06/2021Paleopharmaceuticals from Baltic amber might fight drug-resistant infections – The scientific method can distill modern medicines from long-standing folk medicine.

04/07/2021How I Avoid Making Different Meals for Each of Our Family Members – This blogger offers her suggestions for menu planning in a family with varied diets, including the needs for a child with CF.

04/08/2021 OPTION 2 Trial Testing MS1819 for EPI Posts ‘Mixed’ Topline Results – As we have said before, it is as important to learn about unsuccessful trials as it is to hear about success.

04/09/2021Clinic Baggies – The Clinic Baggies distributed at the CF pediatric clinic are symbolic of CFFC’s goal to bring a little sunshine to our local community.

04/10/2021Trial Testing Personalized Chest Physiotherapy System for Mucus Clearance – Even with advances in medications, chest PT remains an important component of CF treatment. This trial is investigating an approach to improve the effectiveness of chest PT.

04/14/2021What I Wish I Knew About Adrenal Insufficiency – While this blog is not specifically about CF, it is about several aspects of life that are affected by CF. You can probably feel a connection to the ebbs and flows in the story.

04/15/2021Amoeba biology reveals potential treatment target for lung disease – Although this study was targeted to COPD, the potential to improve the effectiveness of cilia moving mucus would also be relevant to CF.

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