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CFFC Facebook Posts – August 2020 – Part 2

08/16/2020Living with CF Golf Tournament – This year’s Living with CF Golf Tournament has a special meaning. The COVID-19 protocols – masks and social distancing – give us a little insight in to precautions people living with CF take with or without a pandemic. NOTE: The tournament has been canceled.

08/17/2020Research May Explain Why Different CF Bacteria Infect at Certain Ages – This research provides understanding in the progression of bacterial infections.

08/18/2020There’s No One Correct Way to Disclose Your CF – A couple of days ago, we shared Gunnar Esiason’s approach to talking about his CF at college. This blog shares how Emily Apakian handled the issue.

08/19/2020Research Blast on… Antimicrobial Resistance – This article describes how the UK is fighting resistant bacteria.

08/20/2020 – Survey Opportunity: Your Health Information – Accessing – and understanding – data about your health is a key part of being a full partner in your health care. Share your views on this topic with CFF.

08/21/2020MS1819-PERT Combo Shows Benefits for CF Patients With EPI in Phase 2 Trial – Digestive issues are a significant part of life with CF. This study promises improved fat absorption with a supplement to pancreatic enzymes. [Does it strike you as fitting that the trials are taking place in Hungary? 😉 ]

08/22/2020What I Wish Colleges Would Understand About Reopening – One more view of CF college life during the pandemic.

08/23/2020 – Cystic fibrosis: Why so many respiratory complications? – This research from Switzerland indicates that a protein over-produced in CF can make airways more bacteria-friendly.

08/24/2020How to Gain Weight: 7 Less Traditional Methods – Whether or not you need to gain weight, you might find some of the suggestions in this blog useful.

08/25/2020 – The 2020 Living with CF Golf Tournament has been canceled. We did not receive enough registrations to produce a viable event.

08/26/2020Curing genetic disease in human cells – This article describes a new approach to gene editing to correct CF mutations.

08/27/2020EveryLife Foundation Launches Scholarship Fund for Rare Disease Community in US – If you’re looking for financial assistance for tuition, this article points to a potential source.

08/28/2020Reproductive Health Q&A: How Modulators Affect Fertility and Pregnancy in CF – The lungs are not the only part of the body affected by CFTR modulators. This Q&A presents some preliminary impacts on women’s health and indicates the need for further study.

08/29/2020 – Muscles of CF Youth Consume Oxygen Faster Than Peers, Affecting Exercise – Tiring from exercise may not be entirely related to lung function.

08/30/2020Secondary school – This page allows you to download a group of fact sheets geared to different groups in the return to school: students, parents, teachers. Although written for the UK, you may find the information helpful.

08/31/2020Wearing a Mask is Not About You – This blogger is speaking to the world outside of CF to educate them on the need to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

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