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CFFC Facebook Posts – August 2021 – Part 1

08/01/2021I’m Finally Falling Asleep Without Battling Anxiety – This is a good version of Joni Mitchell’s lyric “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.”

08/02/2021 – Sign up – Did you know you can join in the Education Day webinar on your smartphone? It could be handy if you can’t be near your computer at 6:30 on Wednesday (8/4). Be sure to download the (free) Zoom app before hand. [NOTE: Event was held 9/4]

08/03/2021Not Letting CF Hold Me Back From Traveling – Trikafta may be the star of this story but planning and precaution have big supporting roles.

08/04/2021Doctors Willing to Help Specialists in CF Infant Care, But Concerns Evident – With the differences in US and Canadian health care systems, it is unclear how well the results of this study translate to this side of the border. That said, the conclusion is relevant; that is, more education and coordination between primary care providers and CF specialists is warranted.

08/05/2021Another Educational Day – Don’t miss this opportunity to see an engaging presentation (including responses to attendee questions) by Gunnar and Darcy Esiaison. This article includes a link to a recording of the program.

08/06/2021Working from home isn’t just a perk of lockdown – it’s what keeps me well at the best of times – This story has two threads: people adapting to the protocols of COVID have a glimpse of life with CF, and difficulties of dealing with CF in the workplace.

08/07/2021Nutritional Status of CF Children Linked to Teenage-onset Diabetes – Getting kids to eat well is always a challenge but this study may add motivation.

08/08/2021CF Sinus Disease Webinar – You can use this link to register for a cystic fibrosis research webinar focusing on sinus disease offered by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on August 25th.

08/10/2021New CRISPR/Cas9 technique corrects cystic fibrosis in cultured human stem cells – A further advance in the technique to correct CFTR mutations. Since it’s not mutation specific, the process would work for all.

08/11/2021Living with CF Golf Tournament – Now that you’ve upped your knowledge with Education Day, it’s time to up your spirit with a round of golf and support CFFC.

08/12/2021CFTR Protein Dynamic, Changing Shapes in Ways Affecting Disease – This research increases the understanding of the CFTR gene but may also offer an explanation for different outcomes with the same mutation.

08/13/2021Adjusting to Life With CFRD – CF-related diabetes is one of the many challenges CF throws at you.

08/14/2021Telehealth was an Experiment in CF Care During COVID, Let’s Make it Standard – In line with his discussion of the evolution of care at Education Day, Gunnar Esiason has some thoughts on recent changes in his treatment regimen.

08/15/2021Microbial study reveals extended lifespan of starved bacteria – This research expands the understanding of the longevity of bacteria and a key to antibiotic resistance.

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