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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2017 – Part 2

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the second half of December 2017.

12/16/2017Why Aspiration Is a Silent, Hidden Danger for Cystic Fibrosis Patients – Some interesting information on another risk. (Like you need another risk, right?)

12/18/2017UF Study Links Proton Pump Inhibitor Use with More Frequent Hospitalization in CF Patients – This article demonstrates the double-edged sword of treatments in complex medical conditions.

12/19/2017Transitioning Back to Real Life After Hospitalization – An interesting take on the relief of being discharges from the hospital.

12/20/2017Preventing Bacteria from Communicating Could Make CF Therapies Like Kalydeco More Effective, Study Reports – This study introduces two significant concepts. (1) Quorum sensing in bacterial infections can decrease CFTR function. (2) There are potential treatments to disrupt bacterial quorum sensing.

12/21/2017Breathe In Ep. #11 – Nutritional Care – Gunnar and the Salty Sisters explore the evolution of nutrition in their CF care from both personal and medical perspectives.

12/22/2017Cancer Gene, PTEN, Appears to Work with CFTR to Prevent Lung Infections, Study Reports – Here’s an example where observant researchers produce an unanticipated result. The discovery of the relationship between CFTR and PTEN not only elevates the significance of CFTR therapies, but also may lead to new anti-inflammation therapies.

02/23/2017When a Loved One Dies, What Happens to the Love You Shared? – At CFFC, we focus on living with CF, but we cannot escape the knowledge that CF is a fatal disease. However, as this story demonstrates, the spirit of those affected by CF can overcome the heartache of the ultimate outcome.

02/24/2017Proteostasis’ CFTR Modulators Show Potential in Improving Effectiveness of Orkambi – Further advances in making CFTR treatments more effective.

12/26/2017Synthetic Peptide Might Be Potential Treatment for Bacterial Infection Often Seen in CF Patients – This study opens a new avenue that may not only slow the advance of Pseudomonas, but may also make the bacteria more susceptible to antibiotic treatments.

12/27/2017I Have New Lungs and I Still Have CF – Lung transplantation solves the problem of CF’s progressive lung disease, but this blog reminds us that the procedure does not eliminate the rest of CF’s challenges.

12/28/2017Structure of Membrane Protein That May Allow for Flow of Chloride in Cells Revealed in Study – This research identifies an additional means to circumvent the CFTR malfunction.

12/29/2017Dealing with Prednisone Mood Swings – What to do when the medicine that is supposed to make you feel better physically also makes you cranky.

12/30/2017Pancreas Abnormality Increases Risk of Children with CF Developing Diabetes, Study Suggests – Sometimes it seems that science proves the obvious; however, knowing the underlying science is the key to better outcomes.

12/31/2017Arjun’s Planet-Sized Spirit – An indomitable spirit is an essential characteristic for those facing CF – regardless of age.

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