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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2019 – Part 1

12/01/2019IGF2R Blood Levels May Help Predict Antibiotic Response in CF Pulmonary Exacerbations, Study Says – Getting the right mix of antibiotics during a hospitalization can be tricky. This study points to a technique that could improve the process.

12/03/2019Running Outside Saved My Lung Health and Improved My Well-Being – This blogger encourages suggests that you can get more out of your treatment protocols by absorbing your environment.

12/05/2019CFF Strives to Improve Lung Transplant Journey for Cystic Fibrosis Patients – This article discusses the evolution of the approach taken by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation regarding lung transplantation.

12/06/2019Funding to boost the development of new treatments – This article points to the international cooperation regarding improved treatments for CF.

12/07/2019Don’t Be Afraid to Let New Friends Into Your CF World – This blogger shares some advice about introducing new friends to your CF world.

12/08/2019Save the Dates – 2020 – Knowledge is an important tool in dealing with the realities of CF. Pull out your new 2020 calendar and mark the dates for two local opportunities to increase your understanding of life with CF.

12/09/2019Israeli, US Researchers Develop New Device to Eliminate Mucus Secretion from Obstructed Airways – This technology may not replace current clearance treatments, but it holds the promise of more complete clearance.

12/10/2019“We’re all in the same boat”: finding confidence through story-telling – This article describes how UK’s CF Trust approached the challenge of building a peer community while maintaining infection control protocols.

12/11/2019I May Not Look Sick But My CF Is Still Real – This blogger does some light venting about some of the annoyances associated with an invisible disease.

12/12/2019Gene Therapy Takes Center Stage at 2019 NORD Summit – This report on the National Organization for Rare Disorders conference has some interesting observations on the future of gene therapy including fair pricing and social impacts.

12/13/2019Samuel Moreau: My Wish to Thrive In Spite of CF – The 16-year-old writing this bog has a mature (and positive) outlook on his life with CF. He also points to the importance of peer, as well as parent, support.

12/14/2019Announcing Tune Up Tins – CFFC is excited to announce an expansion to our support for the local CF community. As noted in this post, we are starting with adult admissions. Check it out.

12/15/2019How I Teach My Son Accountability For His CF at School – As with everything else, CF adds its mark to events that are challenging in their own right.

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