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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2019 – Part 2

12/16/2019Proteostasis to Test Personalized Treatment with Novel CFTR Modulators in Europe – This article contains two piece of exciting news from Europe. First, potential CFTR modulators for rarer mutations. Second, the use of organoids to assess effectiveness before treatment starts.

12/17/2019Research that leaves no-one behind – More from Europe (this time Cystic Fibrosis Trust) on a range of efforts to solutions for rarer CFTR mutations.

12/18/2019Darcy’s Blog: A Mysterious Health Issue – An interesting story about …

12/19/2019Role Reversal: How I Balanced Caregiving as a CF Patient – While CF is a (the most?) significant aspect in your life, there are other demands that are important.

12/20/2019Chronic Kidney Disease Highly Prevalent in CF, Kidney Function Poorer in Transplanted Patients, Italian Study Says – Your are probably familiar the impact that antibiotics have on the kidneys. This study points to other CF-related factors that contribute kidney disease – and a recommendation for mitigating the risks.

12/22/2019Diet to Help Manage Glucose in CF Patients: A Nutritionist’s View – You may have had this conversation with a nutritionist: not all calories are good calories.

12/23/2019Realizing CF Didn’t Make My Goals Impossible – That time when you realize that Cf does not define you.

12/24/2019CF Newborn Screening Improves Weight and Lung Outcomes, but Has No Impact on Social Inequalities, Study Suggests – Good news and sad news. Good: early diagnosis leads to better outcomes. Sad: early diagnosis cannot overcome poor finances.

12/25/2019Wishes for the holidays – This is the time of year when we share wishes of “Happy Holidays.” This blog includes some holiday wishes from our Canadian neighbors.

12/27/2019Procedural Anxiety – CFF provides a good description of the anxiety associated with clinic visits and hospital stays, as well as strategies for dealing with it.

12/28/2019CF Foundation Virtual Events 2020 – At times, long-term planning seems incongruous with CF. That said, you should still mark your calendars for CFF’s major virtual events.

12/29/2019Michel Desrochers: Wishing to Hear My Baby Breathe Easily – A view of the future from the mom of a recently diagnosed child.

12/30/201933rd Annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference – If you were unable to attend the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (most of you?), you can watch all of the sessions at the conference archive site.

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