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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2020 – Part 2

12/16/2020Moderna’s COVID-19 Vaccine FDA Briefing Mentions Cystic Fibrosis – In a sequel to his proclamation on getting the COVID vaccine, Gunnar Esiason shares some observations about the Moderna vaccine clinical trials that related specifically to CF.

12/17/2020Birthdays Are Bittersweet – This blog offers insight into a routine occurrence that may challenge the mental health of those living with CF.

12/18/2020Wintertime and cystic fibrosis – Our friends in the UK have some suggestions for getting through the winter that are just a useful on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

12/19/2020Despite COVID-19, I Participated in a CF Clinical Trial – While it may seem that the entire world came to a stop with the COVID pandemic, critical functions have continued with safety adaptations.

12/20/2020Antifungal drug improves key cystic fibrosis biomarkers in clinical study – This study identified an alternative method for creating chloride channels for those with mutations not helped by CFTR modulators.

12/21/2020The Existential Crisis of Going From Dying to Living – CFTR modulators not only affect physical health; they also impact mental health.

12/22/2020Holidays in the Hospital – Hospital stays could be less frequent with new treatments and COVID protocols, but it could still happen on a holiday (or birthday). This story is about making the most out of the situation we find ourselves in.

12/23/2020Potential Antibiotic Appears to Effectively Treat M. abscessus Infections – Researchers continue to seek – and find – treatments for resistant bacteria that attack CF lungs.

12/24/2020An avocado a day keeps your gut microbes happy, study shows – Avocados don’t necessarily replace “an apple a day,” but it may be a good addition to your diet.

12/25/2020CF Trust Partners With CF Foundation to Develop Gene-editing Therapies – International cooperation comes to CF genetic therapy research. A nice holiday present.

12/27/2020Experts at NACFC Gave Me Facts About COVID-19 — and Peace of Mind – We know it’s best to learn from the scientists.

12/28/2020Claire’s Place Expands COVID-19 Emergency Fund, Work Proudly Program – If you’re strapped for funds, this article may point you to some additional financing.

12/31/2020CFFC 2020 – The Year in Review – New Year’s Eve is typically the time to look back at the path we have traveled the last twelve months.

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