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CFFC Facebook Posts – December 2021 – Part 2

12/16/2021Looking back over an extraordinary year: the 2020 CF Registry Report – A retrospective from the data gathered in the United Kingdom.

12/17/2021Nasal Epithelial Cells Grown in Culture Could Be Useful in CF Studies – This study opens another avenue to research CF treatments in the lab.

12/18/2021This Year, I’m Ready to Risk Being Excited About the Holidays – Hopefully, we can all find a way – a safe way – to get excited about the holiday season.

12/19/2021Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Finland – Another throwback, but it is interesting to see how CF is managed in other countries. Note, this article was written before acceptance of Trikafta across the EU.

12/20/2021Deciding When to Disclose CF at College – Another view on how to share your CF story with new friends.

12/21/2021 – Community Stories, Tamy Mailly – A story of CF in a family where the initial diagnosis wasn’t believed because of their race.

12/22/2021Women with CF Need Counseling to Preserve Fertility, US Study Finds – Advances in CF treatment have more individuals considering parenthood. This study indicates that fertility counseling needs to be added to CF support services.

12/23/2021Advice to share with your employers if you’re worried about going into work – This guidance was crafted for the specific situation in the UK but can be readily adapted to local circumstances.

12/24/2021Prioritizing Myself This Holiday Season – On the day that many holiday celebrations begin, this blog is a good reminder of the balance between protecting your health and socializing. The article also reminds us that caution extends to viruses other than COVID.

12/25/2021The Memory of a Therapy Dog Calls to Mind the Comfort of Pets – Knowing someone who received a puppy as a Christmas present, this story seemed to be just right for sharing today.

12/26/2012Humble lizards offer surprising approach to engineering artificial lungs – No, this article is not related to CF, but one could imagine applications if lungs (or just damaged portions of lungs) could be easily reconstructed.

12/27/20216 Stories on Loss and Everyday Life With CF – A little late for holiday presents, but it may give you some ideas for your reading list in 2022.

12/28/2021Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Bosnia and Herzegovina – Several years ago, CFFC facilitated the donation of a vest to a CF patient in Bosnia. This report shows that things have not improved in that region.

12/29/2021I am a Dad! – Some Christmas presents are better than others, even when they arrive a couple of days after the traditional date. Our best wishes to Darcy, Gunnar and Kaz!

12/30/2021Sinus Surgery Best if Within Few Years of Lung Transplant: Study – Two significant reminders in this study. (1) Lung transplantation does not remove all of the risks associated with CF. (2) Pseudomonas lives in places other than the lungs.

12/31/2021 – It’s time to say goodbye to 2021. CFFC sends you our wishes for a happy – and healthy – 2022!

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