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CFFC Facebook Posts – February 2017 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of February 2017.

02/01/2017Ask Gretchen: How Can I Control My Blood Sugar? – This CFF blog post contains resources to better manage the challenge of CF related diabetes.

02/02/2017New Mouse Model May Lead to CF and COPD Therapies, Study Says – You may not like to deal with small rodents, but some are contributing to the search for better CF treatments.

02/03/2017CFF Advocacy Action Center – As a follow up to Tuesday’s post, here’s a link to the CF Foundation’s page that lists options for connecting with government officials to promote policies beneficial to the CF community.

02/04/2017Carbohydrate That Promotes Biofilm May Be Key to Treating Pseudomonas Infections – Another avenue of research to find more effective treatments for Pseudomonas.

02/05/2017Clinical Trial Alerts – February 2017 – This post on the CFFC web site lists the clinical trial alerts distributed on 2/2/17. Any additional alerts issued in February will be added to this page and an announcement will be posted on FB

02/06/2017 – Dealing with Disease Progression – Gunnar and Julia don’t shy away from tough topics. Hear what they have to say in this podcast dealing with the inevitable progression of CF.

02/07/20176 Tips for Staying Organized With CF – Keeping organized gain reduce the stress in daily treatments.

02/08/2017First-of-its-kind Study Explores if Stem Cells Might Lessen Inflammation in CF Patients – Another approach to introducing non-CF genetic material to fight lung disease.

02/09/2017Did Science Find an Answer to the Lack of Organ Donors? – Gunnar weighs in on the possibility of growing healthy human organs inside other animals.

02/10/2017Doctors’ Focus Seen to Delay Lung Transplant Evaluations in CF Patients – Sticking with the transplant theme, here’s an interesting study on the decision to make a referral. Perhaps the most curious (disappointing?) fact is that only one-third of the CF center directors responded to the survey.

02/11/2017Deciding to Have a Second Child When Your First Child Has CF – One downside to improved Cf diagnostics is increased impact on the decision to have another child. Her is one CF mom’s take on the subject.

02/13/2017CF Patients Help in Defining Top 10 Priorities for Cystic Fibrosis Research – Compare your CF research priorities to the top 10 list developed by caregivers and patients in England.

02/14/2017People With CF: In It Together – As much as family and caregivers care for those living with CF, there is no better support than from those facing the same challenges.

02/15/2017Save the Date – CFFC Education Night – Speaking of support from within the CF community, CFFC announces its annual community education event. Mark your calendars. Complete the survey. Plan to join us.

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