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CFFC Facebook Posts – February 2019 – Part 2

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the second half of February.

02/16/2019Tobramycin Fights P. aeruginosa Bacteria That Impair CFTR Function, Study Says – You may feel better with Toby treatments and this study explains why.

02/17/2019Love and Marriage and CF – A couple of days late, but here are some spouses’ thoughts on marriage and CF.

02/18/2019Redefining the Definition of Wellness – Here’s a good look at self-awareness and personal goal setting.

02/19/2019An Open Letter to the ‘How Are You Feeling?’ Folks – How do you handle the well-intentioned questions into your health?

02/20/2019Setting a New Goal, 1 Year and 3 Days – While the title points to goal setting, this blog is really about self awareness and team work.

02/21/2019The unique challenges of caregiving – How do these perspectives on caregiving compare to yours?

02/22/2019Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment May Make Antiobiotics More Effective Against P. aeruginosa Infections, Study Says – More evidence that combined treatments may hold the answer for combating chronic infections.

02/23/20195 Tips for Helping Prepare Your Child for a Medical Procedure – This couple has found ways to better manage their son’s interaction with the CF professionals.

02/24/2019Jerry Cahill – Keynote Speaker at CFFC Education Day – Exciting news for this year’s Education Day (June 8th).

02/25/2019Education Day Discussion Topic Survey – With the date, location and keynote finalized, our next task is to identify the discussion topics of greatest interest to you, our local CF community. Please complete the linked survey by 3/15. Thanks for your interest.

02/26/2019New Gene Therapy Strategy May Reverse Effects of Disease-related Mutations, Study Shows – With all of the discussion of treatments, there hasn’t been much attention on gene therapy.

02/27/2019Cystic fibrosis storm: Professor slams drug giant ‘for holding sick children to ransom’ – Insight into the business side of CF treatments. The key issue behind this article is the UK health care system where the government negotiates the reimbursement rate for all drugs in the nation. The ongoing battle has been highlighted by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UK’s version of CFF). Thanks to Chris K for finding this story. [Side note: Dr. Paul Quinton was a Kit Taylor lecturer a few years back.]

02/28/2019It Takes a Village – Another look at the support needed to get through a life with CF. And a peak at the perspective of our Education Day keynote speaker.

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