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CFFC Facebook Posts – January 2017 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of January 2017.

01/01/2017Brianna was live – Here is Brianna’s performance at today’s Jets/Bills game recorded by her mom, Colleen.

01/03/2017My Wish List for the New Year – How does Gunnar’s new year’s wish list compare to yours?

01/04/2017High Levels of Vitamin D Supplements May Help Improve Lung Function in CF Patients, Study Shows – Nobody wants to take more pills, but it might be worth it if a simple OTC vitamin can improve lung function.

01/05/20162017: Our New Year’s Re-Resolutions – Here are some more goals for the new year from the CF community.

01/06/2017Blood, Lung-function Tests Can Lead to Early Detection of Serious Bacteria in CF Children, Study Shows – Getting a good bacterial culture from a child can be challenging. This study promises an easier – and less invasive – alternative.

01/07/2017Clinical Trial Alert – 01/06/2017 – A research update from CFF.

01/08/2017Psychological Impact of Hospital Stays – This conversation between Gunnar and Julia will sound very familiar to those living with CF. It may be a good tool to acquaint family and friends with the dramatic effect CF has on your view of the world.

01/09/2017Foundation Joins Chronic Disease Organizations to Educate Policymakers on Needs of People with CF – Now that the Congressional debate over health insurance has begun, it’s reassuring to know that CFF and other organizations are speaking out on behalf of the needs of their constituencies.

01/10/2017Compound in Soil Bacteria May Combat CF Pseudomonas Infections – Another avenue of research in the fight against Pseudomonas was literally found growing in a backyard.

01/11/2017Clinical Trial Alerts – January 2017 – Part 2 – Two alerts distributed by CFF during the first half of January.

01/12/2017How I Advocate for Myself In and Out of the Hospital – Advocacy is often misunderstood as a confrontation. As this article explains, Simply understanding your conditions and asking questions at the appropriate times are important aspects of effective advocacy.

01/13/2017France’s New Organ Donation Policy is Awesome – Here’s an interesting discussion topic. CFFC does not have a position on this issue, but we encourage intelligent discussion of alternatives.

01/14/2017Annual Rate of Hospitalization, In-Hospital Deaths Up in US, Study Finds – The headline is scary but does not fully reflect the data in the article. Don’t look for answers either; the study was intended to provide information rather than explanations.

01/15/2017Striving for the Impossible: Caring for My Wife With CF – A story that tugs at your heart strings but also fills you with respect for those who provide essential support.

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