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CFFC Facebook Posts – January 2019 – Part 2

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the second half of January.

01/16/2019New Inhaled Carrier May Work for CF mRNA Therapy, Mouse Study Finds – This research indicates that scientists may have found the answer to the major challenge to gene therapy: safe devlivery of the corrective genetic material.

01/17/2019Why My CF Clinic Visits Are a Family Affair – When we become adults, we revel in our independence. This blog reminds us that even adults benefit from another voice and listener with us.

01/18/2019The Financial Stress of Being Chronically Ill – It’s not like you need to add to the list of CF challenges but understanding the scope of the difficulties is necessary to conquering them. [BTW: The personal perspectives come from Canada where they have national health insurance that covers pre-existing conditions.]

01/19/2019Immunotherapy May Be Promising Strategy to Treat Chronic Infections of P. aeruginosa in CF Patients – This research points to a strategy to rebuild your natural immune response for infections.

01/20/20194 Times I Have Prevented Medical Mistakes – The important message in this blog is not the specific instances; it’s knowing the details of your treatments and advocating for them.

01/21/2019CF Is Unpredictable — Choose Friends Who Aren’t – The support network is a significant component of successful treatment. This blogger reminds us to thank your core supporters.

01/22/2019The Diverse Spectrum of Health Across the CF Community – There’s nothing new in this article if you a familiar with CF, but it is a good summary of the environment we live in.

01/23/2019Monday Morning Thoughts: I Have a Cold – Here’s one approach to dealing with a cold – or any blip in your health.

01/24/2019i – CF Patients Navigate Increasingly Complex Health Insurance Quagmire – Here’s another example of telling you what you already know; the significance is that the problem is getting attention.

01/25/2019The Family I Never Wanted – CFFC understands the sentiments expressed in this blog.

01/27/2019What Storm Drain Adventures Taught Me About CF Treatments – A tale of “if I only knew then what I know now.”

01/28/2019Family Building Fridays: The Oneto Family, Adoption – With the expectation of adulthood, the question of parenting has become more prominent. This blog introduces a series that will explore the paths people have take to this goal.

01/29/2019Keeping My New Lungs Infection-Free While Still Living My Life – We’ve said it before (and we’ll say it again) that, while lung transplantation is a literal life saver, it is not the end of infection concerns.

01/30/2019Personalized Nutrition Programs May Help Improve Outcomes for CF Patients, Survey Suggests – Personalized CF care does not have to be limited to pharmaceuticals.

01/31/2019Our CF Childhood – Adults from Canada remember their childhood with CF.

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