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CFFC Facebook Posts – July 2020 – Part 1

07/01/2020My Self Quarantine is Coming to an End – As we begin to experiment with rejoining the outside world, Gunnar Esiason remoinds us that common sense precautions are not hard to do.

07/02/2020Humor Is the Best Medicine for My CF – An interesting outlook on – and survival technique for – life with CF.

07/03/2020Biofilm ‘Channels’ May Offer Better Way of Treating CF Bacterial Infections – Once again, basic science uncovers details about bacterial structure that may produce new approaches to infections.

07/04/2020Brianna Collichio sings anthem at a NFL game- N.Y. Jets – A throw back, but what could be more appropriate for the 4th of July than to listen to Brianna belt out the National Anthem from her CF lungs.

07/05/2020CF Champions: Charlotte Giroux – CF champions exist all around the world. Here’s one story from our Canadian neighbors.

07/06/2020What to Look for in a Relationship When You Have CF – Emotional issues in CF can be as challenging as the medical issues. This blogger shares her thoughts on the foundations for effective relationships.

07/07/2020NuvoAir Home Monitoring System Bolsters Telemed Use in CF, Survey Finds – While the pandemic has raised the general awareness of infection risk, the CF community has always been aware of the risks associated with clinic visits. This preliminary study indicates that critical data can be added to virtual clinic visits.

07/08/2020Multiple Input Opportunities Relating to COVID-19 – The CF Foundation is seeking observations on various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

07/09/2020How Being Furloughed Taught Me to Slow Down – Some times it takes a dramatic event to get us to reexamine how we should manage our life.

07/10/2020Orkambi Benefits CF Patients Across Levels of Lung Health, Study Finds – Researchers in France expanded the range of patients using Orkambi beyond the lung function parameters used in the drugs clinical trials. They found benefits in addition to improvements in lung function. [Remember, Trikafta is not yet widely used outside the US.]

07/11/2020Managing CF, Parenting, and Anxiety – CF doesn’t give you an exemption from other trials and tribulations, but this blogger reminds us that you do the best you can.

07/12/2020No one left behind: the Cystic Fibrosis Trust’s commitment to ‘the 10%’ – While this report is not directly applicable to our community, it demonstrates the world-wide commitment to treatments for everyone living with CF. Our Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has made the same commitment that no one will be left behind.

07/13/2020Renovion’s ARINA-1 Shows Promise in Clearing Mucus, Cell Study Finds – While a lot of attention is paid to the CFTR modulators, research continues to find improved treatments for CF symptoms.

07/14/2020 – Being a CF Spouse During a Pandemic – What will getting back to “normal” be like?

07/15/2020 Managing My Frustration With the World – You may share some of the frustration Gunnar Esiason expresses in this blog – with a bit of optimism.

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