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CFFC Facebook Posts – July 2020 – Part 2

07/16/2020Living with CF Golf Tournament 2020 – Mark your calendars, and keep your fingers crossed, for the 2020 edition of CFFC’s golf tournament.

07/17/2020NIH Grant Supports Computer Modeling of Bacteria’s Behavior in Mucus – Once again investment in basic science could pave the way to more effective treatments.

07/18/2020I’m Healthy With Trikafta but Stuck Inside Because of COVID-19 – We’ve shared similar posts about people with CF interacting with the COVID world, but additional views can’t hurt.

07/19/2020Number of Adults With CF Likely to Grow by 28% Over Decade, UK Study Says – This analysis utilizes statistical methods to confirm what we know. Hopefully, this “official” analysis will prompt planning for treatment plans appropriate to an aging CF population.

07/20/2020Prioritizing Mental Health at a Young Age – This blogger explains why it’s never to early to address the mental health aspects of CF.

07/22/2020New Technology Offers Potential for Faster, More Accurate CF Diagnosis – You would probably miss PFTs (?), but this technology would improve the assessment of lung function and help target physical therapy to open areas blocked by mucus.

07/23/2020Ineligibility/Unable to Benefit from Approved CFTR Modulator Therapies – This post announces an effort by CFF to ensure “no one is left behind.”

07/24/2020Virtual Event on School Reopening – Get some advice from CF experts on the pros and cons of returning to school. [This event has passed.]

07/25/2020Urine Marker Could Help in Screening for CF Lung Infections, Study Finds – Collection of sputum cultures can be unpleasant; especially if the test is likely to be negative. This study suggests that a simpler test may be appropriate for annual screening.

07/26/2020I Posted About Wearing a Mask on Facebook, The Result Was a Disaster – Here is (another) realistic view from Gunnar Esiason on the masking and social distancing required to survive (and defeat) the COVID-19 pandemic.

07/27/2020Antibiotics disrupt development of the ‘social brain’ in mice – This study does not relate directly to CF; however, it does give you something to think about regarding the frequent antibiotic use in chronic illnesses such as CF.

07/28/2020CF Knocked the Shyness Out of Me – A different look at finding positives from the negatives CF can present to you.

07/29/2020Survey Opportunity: Prioritize Mental Health Research Topics for the CF Community – You can contribute your thoughts on mental health to help guide CFF’s research priorities.

07/30/2020Inflammatory Markers May Help Predict Exacerbations in Children with CF – As noted in this article, diagnosing lung inflammation in children is difficult. This study proposes an approach that could lead to earlier diagnosis (and treatment).

07/31/2020CFFC Annual Report 2020 – We have published the annual report for CFFC’s fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2020.

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