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CFFC Facebook Posts – July 2021 – Part 1

07/01/2021Researchers discover unique ‘spider web’ mechanism that traps, kills viruses – While not directly related to CF, this article points to a couple of factors in CF treatment. One, treatments are more effective when they are administered where disease enters the body. Two, you have to be alert to adverse side affects.

07/02/2021CF Inspired Me to Pursue Pre-Med – The CF community – including our local community – benefits from the support of people with no direct connection to CF.

07/03/2021Another (Fiscal) Year Wrapped Up – Money isn’t everything but it is essential to keep CFFC operating. We have published our annual report for the year ended June 30th.

07/04/2021Low Aerobic Capacity Linked to Higher Risk of Exacerbations – Once again, a study has confirmed a common assumption: aerobic exercise can reduce hospitalizations and improve the long-term outlook.

07/05/2021Advocating Alongside My Sister With CF – This blog focuses on Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Teen Advocacy Day; however, the message of support within the family is an important one.

07/06/2021A Search and Rescue Mission into my Nuts – the Male Side of IVF with CF – A story of promise for men with CF who want to have a family. [BTW: This may be a topic that comes up when Gunnar and Darcy speak at Education Day on August 4th.)

07/07/2021Joint Disease More Common With P. aeruginosa Infection, Female Sex – Add joint disease to the growing list of ailments that become more prevalent in an aging CF population.

07/08/2021How We Dealt With Our Newborn’s CF-Related Bowel Problems – This is a bit of a horror story – difficult for any parent to read, but the outcome reminds us of the miracles delivered through quality health care.

07/09/2021New Strategy Corrects CF Splicing Defects in Lab Models – This research could bring us closer to therapeutics to correct the CFTR defect in lung tissue.

07/10/2021The Internet Taught Me About Infertility in CF; It Wasn’t a Doctor – In a follow up to an earlier blog post (which we shared on July 6th), Gunnar Esiason touches several important issues including the benefits – and dangers – of the internet as an information source.

07/11/2021My Journey as an Athlete With CF – Persistence is an important attribute for life with CF.

07/12/2021Education Day Registration Open – With less than a month to go to “Adapting to the Evolution of Care,” our 2021 Education Day program, we have opened the registration to the event.

07/13/2021Study Shows How Children Struggle and Adjust When Sibling Has CF – Cystic fibrosis affects everyone in the family. This study looked at the impact on siblings.

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