07/16/2022A new treatment approach for cystic fibrosis – Scientists may have found a way to “trick” cells that do not make the CFTR protein into making an imperfect (yet functional) protein.

07/17/2022How College Changed the Way I Manage My CF – That first step in to independence has a way of changing the focus on CF care.

07/18/2022Education Day Update – Some new information (and some reminders) about this year’s Education Day event.

07/19/2022Molecular Glue May Help CFTR Protein Work Better – This research demonstrated that a particular molecule can make CFTR modulators more effective.

07/20/2022Erika’s Story – Erica’s story could be subtitled “Trikafta success story.”

07/21/2022How I Navigated Breastfeeding My Son With CF – Achieving “normal” routines for a child with CF can be challenging but not impossible. This blogger has some advice for meeting the challenges.

07/22/2022Not Hiding Anymore: Embracing My Cystic Fibrosis Has Changed My Life – Publicly acknowledging your CF is a key step in moving from a life controlled by CF to a full life with CF.

07/23/2022Marilyn’s Story – Marilyn shares an important fact: the entire family has to adapt to life with CF.

07/24/2022Kalydeco Reduced Lung Inflammation in CF Preschoolers – Good news for youngsters which holds promise for long-term benefits.

07/25/2022CF Foundation and Bakar Labs Announce Winners of First-Ever Golden Ticket Competition – CFF is pursuing a cure for CF from several perspectives.

07/26/2022Cystic Fibrosis Around the World: Turkey – Another look back with Gunnar Esiason’s (unscientific) survey of CF in other countries. Again, we are reminded how lucky we are with the level of care in the US.

07/27/2022Gut Bacteria From Acid Reflux May Promote CF Lung Inflammation – Nobody likes acid reflux but the implications can be more severe for those living with CF.

07/28/2022When I grow up: YAG’s new project spotlighting different careers – This series from the UK demonstrates that people living with CF have a wide range of career options.

07/29/2022Role Reversal: When Someone With CF Becomes a Caregiver – This story adds new meaning to the expression “don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

07/30/2022GLP-1 Hormone Infusions May Boost Insulin Production in CF Patients – A small exploratory study suggests that a medication may delay or reduce insulin management for CF related diabetes.

07/31/2022 – Education Day is almost here – There’s still time to register. Click this link to see program details including a link to register: https://cffamilyconnection.org/event/cffc-education-day-2022/. Or you can simply click this link to register: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FjlcwNYcSne6E37X0L3BTQ