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CFFC Facebook Posts – June 2018 – Part 1

For those who do not use Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the first half of June 2018.

06/01/2018CFFC Education Night Update – Please complete the survey noted in this article to help us select the topics for the group discussions. You’ll also get updated information on the location and agenda.

06/04/2018Once-daily Tobramycin Safe to Treat Flares in Children Under Age 6, Study Says – Reduced dosage in younger patients appears to avoid serious side effects.

06/05/2018Highlights from the 2017 CF Foundation Patient Registry – Summary data from 2017 has been released by the CF Foundation. On May 27th, we shared Gunnar Esiason’s view on the registry. This article includes the Foundation’s position on access.

06/06/2018Celebrating your milestones – Our Canadian friends share some ideas about celebrating milestones.

06/07/2018Medication Side Effects: Necessary Evils – One of the many balancing acts associated to life with CF.

06/08/2018Education Night Survey – Please complete our Education Night survey so we can design discussion groups that interest you most. The survey closes on 6/15.

06/09/2018 – I Went to My 5-Year College Reunion and Learned a Lot – Gunnar looks back on his college years where he also learned outside the classroom,

06/10/2018Realizing It’s Okay to Ask for Help – This blog is a good reminder that mental health is an important component to dealing with all that life with CF throws at you.

06/11/2018Antioxidant Supplement Helps Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Study Finds – Promising research into reducing inflammation with formulations specifically designed for people with difficulties in absorbing fats and proteins.

06/12/2018Long Hospital Stay 101 – Cystic Fibrosis Canada gathered some ideas on preparing for an extended hospital stay.

06/13/2018Hard-to-Treat Infections May Not Impact Survival of CF Patients After Lung Transplant, Study Shows – This study could lead to expanded access to lung transplantation.

06/14/20188 Ways to Avoid Germs on Your Next Family Vacation – Some good ideas as we enter the family vacation season. [PS: Aren’t you pleased to see so many articles written by parents with CF?]

06/15/2018Monday Morning Thoughts: Drug Pipeline Update, A Livable Cure (?), and Confidence -This week’s edition of Gunnar Esiason’s musings has some interesting thoughts on CF drug developments.

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