06/01/2019Doing Better By Doing Less – This young man provides his approach to overcoming the depression associated with CF.

06/02/2019Nitric Oxide Shows Positive Signs in Clearing Hard-to-treat Mycobacterium Lung Infections in CF – This study provides further evidence of the potential benefits of nitric oxide.

06/03/2019Parents, It’s Okay to Let Your Kid Grow Up – When you here “transition” in CF lingo, your mind jumps to the move from a pediatric clinic to an adult clinic. But, as Gunnar Esiason points out, a big transition faces the parents who have a child with CF.

06/04/2019Phage treatment for non-tuberculous mycobacterium infection after lung transplant – We’ve previously shared articles dealing with the science of phage treatments. This article presents the personal side of the story.

06/05/2019A Letter to My Body – A woman takes a crack at expressing appreciation for a body that produces constant challenges.

06/06/2019 – Join Ed Day Virtually – If you are unable to join us at Education Day (this Saturday, 6/8) in person, you can catch keynote speaker Jerry Cahill on-line. We plan to stream his presentation through Facebook. To catch the show, go to the 2019 CFFC Education Day event page. The keynote is scheduled to begin at 10:45.

06/07/2019Manuka Honey Could Be Used to Treat CF Lung Infection P. Aeruginosa, Study Suggests – Good news for those looking for natural medicines.

06/08/2019Address the Unseen Scars: Mental Health and Cystic Fibrosis – Gunnar Esiason tells how he dealt with a significant loss in his life.

06/09/2019Adapting Your Diet to Summer – Since it looks like summer has actually arrived, it’s time to think about changes to your diet to deal with the warmer days.

06/10/2019Slammed by Side Effects: The Downside of Antibiotics – Reminiscent of the saying that “no good deed goes unpunished,” the benefits of antibiotics come with their own “cost.”

06/11/2019Applying to School? Own Your Cystic Fibrosis – While Gunnar Esiaison’s advice is targeted at college applications, the same principles can be applied to job applications and even building personal relationships.

06/12/2019Until It’s Done – Fourteen young woman warriors singing to show us that CF does not define them; they define themselves. The group includes Bridget Aceto, a member of our local community.

06/13/2019Learning Empathy and Self-Advocacy by Teaching Communication to Medical Professionals – This blog contains several important lesson; the key one being that empathy is a two way street.

06/14/2019Science Literacy Is a Necessity in the CF Community – This article raises a good point: you need to understand the science of CF and related treatments to get the most out of your care – and avoid the pitfalls. With sufficient literacy, you can be a more effective member of your care team.

06/15/2019Navigating Disabilities Services and Transitioning to College – In a follow up to Gunnar’s prior blog, he offers recommendations on on of the first steps to take after arriving at college.