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CFFC Facebook Posts – June 2020 – Part 1

06/01/2020Common virus could speed up cystic fibrosis – Another interaction with a virus that does not bode well for those living with CF.

06/02/2020What I Did When My Date Told Me He Had CF – We have shared stories about explaining CF from the perspective of the person living with CF. This blog post presents the view from the other side of the relationship.

06/03/2020The CF Recipe Book – Looking for ways to make your CF diet more interesting? If you’re into Instagram you can follow “thecfrecipebook” for menu ideas.

06/04/2020I Did a Coronavirus Antibody Test; It Left Me With More Questions than Answers – Gunnar Esiason documents his travel through the pandemic timeline and comments on his good fortune.

06/05/2020Microbe DNA Discovery May Lead to Noninvasive Test for CF Infections – Who doesn’t like the idea of noninvasive tests, but is another blood test noninvasive?

06/06/2020Redefining What Family Means – This blogger reminds us that the entire support network so crucial in CF is “family.”

06/07/2020A newly discovered disease may lead to better treatment of cystic fibrosis – People living with CF generally don’t need/want another disease; however, this research opens the possibility of an alternate approach to CF treatments.

06/08/2020NHS in England to help people with CF stay home and safe – What’s happening in the rest of the world? In England, they are looking to conduct some clinic work at home.

06/10/2020As Society Reopens, It’s Hard Not to Feel Like We Are Being Left Behind – Extending his thoughts on risk tolerance, Gunnar Esiason shares his feelings about the delayed inclusion in the “reopening” for people with CF – or other high risk factors.

06/11/2020How I Combat CF Survivor’s Guilt – It’s hard not to compare yourself to others. It is particularly hard when you are doing better than your friends.

06/12/2020Viral Makeup of Intestines in CF Children Altered, May Drive Inflammation – What is going on in the intestines may hold a clue to the course of CF in children.

06/13/2020pCPA Negotiations for CF Modulators: What Does this Mean for Access? – As we hear more stories about the benefits people living with CF have received from CFTR modulators, it’s important to recognize that access is not equal around the world as indicated by this update from CF Canada.

06/14/2020Coalition Will Address Racial Disparities in Rare Disease Communities – A timely discussion during the convergence of the major stories in our society today.

06/15/2020David Ramsden on why our fight for a Life Unlimited must be for all people with CF – Following the theme from yesterday, this entry from Cystic Fibrosis Trust explains how the UK is approaching the issue of minority populations with CF.

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