06/16/2020Mucus breakthrough could help patients breathe easy – Basic science is the first step on the path to new treatments.

06/17/2020My Experience With Telehealth – This blogger’s telehealth experience highlighted two characteristics that are always important: self-advocacy and awareness to what your body is telling you.

06/18/2020Second-hand Smoke Affects Metabolism in Infants and Children with CF, Study Finds – This study emphasizes the importance of keeping children with CF out of environments with cigarette smoke.

06/19/2020Mask Wearing: The Dumbest Binary Political Issue Out There – Science,m not politics, define the benefits that make masks worth the “inconvenience.”

06/20/2020Faces of a Clinical Trial – Jenna Coombs – Another entry in Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s ongoing series of personal experiences with clinical trials.

06/21/2020CFRD is the Cloud in My Trikafta Silver Lining – Perfect solutions are hard to come by.

06/22/2020How I Regained My Independence During the Pandemic – Despite a lifetime being alert to possible infection, coming out of the height of the pandemic adds heightened awareness.

06/23/2020Living with CF: A Partner’s Perspective – This story from the partner of a person living with CF shows the progression of understanding and adaptation.

06/24/2020What I’ve Learned From 11 CF Care Centers in 21 Years – You can learn many things through comparisons.

06/25/2020 Face masks critical in preventing spread of COVID-19 – Another study that proves what you already know; however, this information needs to get out to the broader population – and extended to other situations like flu season, medical offices, etc.

06/26/2020Survey Opportunity – CF Care During COVID-19 – A team at the University of Arizona has produced a survey to gather information on the impact that COVID-19 has had on CF medications and telehealth.

06/27/2020Finding Fate in the Fallout – A story of recovery through rediscovery.

06/28/2020Being Black in the CF Community – A story of dual isolation – “a minority group within a minority group.”

06/29/2020 Healthy Volunteers Do Well in AR-501 Trial for Chronic Lung Infections – Two interesting pieces in this report. One, a potential inhaler to fight chronic infection is on the horizon. Two, there is amazing science behind the use of non-antibacterial element to disrupt microbe functioning.