06/16/2022How I Cope With Loneliness While Living With Chronic Illness – During the COVID shutdown, we all got a taste – a small taste – of the isolation that can be associated with chronic illness.

06/17/2022My Time in Grad School – Gunnar Esiason’s reflection on the last three years describe the emotional evolution brought on by the hope that comes with the advances in CF treatments.

06/18/2022What Traveling Has Taught Me About CF – Visiting all 50 states may not be on your bucket list, but this blogger has some tips for maintaining your CF treatments while traveling.

06/19/2022Join Us as We Pursue Mental Wellness – August 10th – be there for CFFC’s Education Day. This article describes our program and includes a link to register for the event.

06/20/2022Jillian and Ava’s Story – A familiar story of learning to live with CF – and of hope.

06/21/2022Better Diagnosis, Treatment Needed for Chronic Rhinosinusitis in CF Care – As treatments for lung disease improve, greater attention can be given to other health issues that impact life with CF.

06/22/2022Relearning Who I Am After Trikafta – Trikafta produces big changes in the physical aspects of CF which, in turn requires mental adjustments.

06/23/2022Survey Opportunity: Wellness of People with CF – Help guide CFF programs and policies by responding to this survey.

06/24/2022“It is my hope that in my career and lifetime I will be able to witness all people with CF being able to live a life unlimited”: CF researcher Alice Collins’ CF Week story – Observing a sibling’s life with CF can be a powerful motivation to pursue a career to improve CF treatments.

06/25/2022 – Azithromycin Has Some Benefits for CF Infants, Study Shows – Although the primary goal of this study was not achieved, measurable benefits were obtain with the early intervention with azithromycin.

06/26/2022Drilling for rare disease therapeutics – A methodology developed at Scripps Research may help identify treatments appropriate for specific mutations.

06/27/2022How a Small Regional Hospital Helped Me Realize the Value of CF Care – Unfortunately, it’s all too common that the CF patient knows more about her/his care needs than those providing the care.

06/28/2022Probiotic Vivomixx May Help to Restore Gut Microbiome, Ease CFRD – A limited study identifies an approach to improve digestive issues faced by people living with CF.

06/29/2022Celebrating World Microbiome Day 2022 – We missed the exact date for World Microbiome Day (who knew), but we can still celebrate the advance in understanding of differences present in CF intestines.

06/30/2022Travel Tips for Cystic Fibrosis – With the summer ahead of us – and fewer restrictions, vacation travel may be in your future. Cystic Fibrosis Canada has compiled some recommendations to make your trip more enjoyable. A few are specific to Canadian residents but they are generally good tips for everyone.