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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2018 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of March 2018.

03/01/2018Why I Decided to Take Time Off From Work – People with CF strive for a “normal” life. This blog speaks to on of the hurdles that adults will encounter in that endeavor.

03/02/2018Why Aspiration Is a Silent, Hidden Danger for Cystic Fibrosis Patients – Good background information. Perhaps the most interesting answer in this Q&A article relates to reflux medicines.

03/04/2018CF Health Guides for Women – A comprehensive information resource has been add to the CFFC web site.

03/05/2018CFFC Education Night 2018 – Mark your calendars and stay tuned for updates as the planning evolves.

03/06/2018My Experience With a Food Elimination Diet – This blog points out that you can do your own research project relating to the food you eat.

03/07/2018Early Growth Patterns Affect CF Children’s Lung Function at Age 12, Study Shows – This article reports on three studies that confirm the relationship between growth rate and lung function. It is good background information; however, it does not delve into causes or solutions for slow growth rates.

03/08/2018Don’t Devalue Your Chronic Illness – Gunnar reminds us that the true experts in CF are the people who live with it (patients and their support teams) hour by hour, day to day.

03/09/2018 Transplant Booklets from Cystic Fibrosis Trust – Our friends across the pond have produced comprehensive booklets that cover transplant from the first discussion through post transplant life covering psychological issues as well as medical. Each booklet is geared to a specific segment of the CF community, so one of them is sure to fit your perspective.

03/11/2018Chronic Lung Infections Increase Inflammation Over Time in People with CF – While the conclusion will come at no surprise, this study provides information on the physiology of the phenomenon.

03/12/2018How cystic fibrosis affects the body – This resource produced by Cystic Fibrosis Trust gives you a quick review of how CF affects various parts of the body. The interactive guide distinguishes between males and females.

03/13/2018Survey Opportunity: Pain Management – For many, CF is literally a pain. CF Foundation is seeking information on pain management from the community.

03/14/2018Report Calls Attention to Burden of Rare Disease Caregivers – The findings of this study will come as no surprise to those who live with CF; however, it is important to have independent verification of what we “know” to advance understanding (and policies) among those who don’t have first hand experience.

03/15/2018Tips on how to pursue your passion while having CF – This blog post from CF Canada reminds us that people living with CF don’t have to give up on their passions and dreams; however, some adjustment may be necessary.

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