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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2018 – Part 2

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the second half of March 2018.

03/16/2018Why Mental Health Mattered When It Came to My Lung Transplant Journey – We easily recognize the physical challenges of transplant. This blog directs our attention to the critical mental health aspect.

03/17/2018 – Verona Therapy Improves CF Patients’ Lung Function, Phase 2a Trial Shows – Promising results for a new inhaler candidate.

03/20/2018Anthera Discontinues Sollpura as Treatment for CF-related Digestive Problems – Clinical trials provide valuable information. Sometimes, that information indicates that the premise of the trial is not valid.

03/21/2018 – Elementary vs. University – How do these observations compare to your recollections of early years to later years?

03/22/2018 – The Vest is the Undisputed #1 Device for Airway Clearance – Here’s Gunnar’s take on the Vest versus other airway clearance methods. What’s you’re opinion?

03/23/2018Diverse Types of Staphylococcus Aureus Found in Airways of CF Patients, Study Shows – As if you need more complexity. This study documents the incredible variety of S. aureus pathogens in the CF population.

03/24/2018How a G-Tube Unlocked My Son’s Potential – Feeding tubes are more likely to be an option later in life but, as this blog relates, the option can make a big difference regardless of age.

03/26/2018Our Lung Transplant Story – A reminder that CFFC web site provides a summary of the lung transplant from one of our local families. The story includes useful tips for anyone considering transplantation.

03/27/2018Long-term Prognosis of CF Predicted Through Gene Panel Analysis – This study points to another diagnostic tool. The key in utilizing genetic markers is to consider them as informative rather than definitive. As lead researcher says, this information can “guide our treatment plans.”

03/28/2018“I have CF, it doesn’t have me” – From Ireland, a man explains his attitude toward putting CF in the proper perspective. [Thanks, for sharing, Anne.]

03/30/2018Study Links Variations in CF Patients’ Airway Bacteria Mix with Their Disease Outcomes – This study presents an interesting analysis of microorganisms over time; however, there is no observation on whether the analysis points to “cause” or “effect.”

03/31/20186 Tips for Staying Motivated When It Comes to Life With CF – One woman’s approach to managing the competing demands of life with CF.

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