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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2021 – Part 1

03/01/2021What Will the Return to Normal Be Like After the Pandemic? – This blogger deals with the question we all probably have.

03/02/2021Luke’s story: balancing challenges of COVID-19 and finding perspective – Fortunately – and unfortunately – a life with CF teaches you to adapt to the circumstances you encounter.

03/03/2021Girls With CF Need Reproductive Counseling, Study Asserts – The range of specialties that comprise the CF care team needs to expand as new treatments change the expectations of life with CF.

03/04/2021How bacteria defeat drugs that fight cystic fibrosis – Understanding the origins of protective films may lead to the development of countermeasures that will improve the effectiveness of antibacterial treatments.

03/05/2021What Will the Return to Normal Be Like After the Pandemic? – This question is on everyone’s mind. Compare this blogger’s answer with yours.

03/06/2021A storm is coming! – Although this trial will take place in the UK, the results will be of interest to everyone using Trikafta. [NOTE: In Europe, Trikafta is marketed under the name Kaftrio.]

03/07/2021The right ‘5-a-day’ mix is 2 fruit and 3 vegetable servings for longer life – Okay parents. Now, when you “instruct” your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables, you can follow up with “you’ll live longer.”

03/08/2021How I Got My Life Back – If you wondered what happened to other hospital procedures during the pandemic, this bloggers story tells you that essential surgeries continued.

03/09/2021Help fight for the Adult CF Program in New York – You can add your voice to the call to reinstate NY’s program to help people living with CF obtain health insurance.

03/10/2021P. aeruginosa Resistance May Be Measure of Ability to Hijack CF Mucus – Once again, basic science may lead to improved treatments for resistant bacteria.

03/11/2021Advice for New Parents of a Child With CF – An infant diagnosis of CF is not as frightening as it was 30 years ago; however, an unguided internet search is not the best way to learn about life with CF. Building a network with parents facing the same challenges offers long-lasting support.

03/12/2021Surveys Play a Critical Role in Improving the Patient Experience – Here’s some encouragement to participate in surveys from someone who initially saw little value in them.

03/13/2021What It’s Like to Have CF in Pakistan – If you feel that CF isolates you in the US, imagine disconnect in a country that stigmatizes genetic disease.

03/14/2021Analysis of GI Tract Finds High CFTR Gene Activity in Small Intestine – Some more basic research that could lead to answers about digestion and nutrient absorption. Sad news is that, unlike lungs, mouse models won’t help with intestinal research.

03/15/2021A very normal mother – Although every day is mother’s day, the UK officially celebrates the idea on March 14th. Hence, this lovely story from Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

03/16/2021A Walking Miracle! Brianna Collichio Defies All Odds – American Idol 2021 – This is probably old news to everyone in our community, but it can’t be repeated too often. Brianna has come a long way from singing the National Anthem at CFFC’s 3-on-3 basketball tournament; including a stop to sing the anthem at NY Jets stadium. You are an inspiration, Brianna!

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