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CFFC Facebook Posts – March 2021 – Part 2

03/16/2021A Walking Miracle! Brianna Collichio Defies All Odds – American Idol 2021 – This is probably old news to everyone in our community, but it can’t be repeated too often. Brianna has come a long way from singing the National Anthem at CFFC’s 3-on-3 basketball tournament; including a stop to sing the anthem at NY Jets stadium. You are an inspiration, Brianna!

03/17/2021Six Tips to Help You Incorporate Self-Care While Managing Your CF – This blogger makes an important distinction between care management and self-care.

03/18/2021New Gene-editing Tool Can Reverse Specific CF-related Mutations – A Nobel Prize went to a team of CRISPR pioneers. Research extending the application of that innovation continues to find fixes for genetic diseases like CF.

03/19/2021How I Found My Way Back to Regular Exercise – This blog has two themes. The main story line is the significance of exercise in CF care. The companion point is the importance of an encouragement partner.

03/20/2021CF Foundation Continues Free Access to Online Exercise Platform – Yesterday’s post promoted exercise as part of CF treatment. This article discusses a means to enhance your exercise regimen.

03/22/2021How we’re improving access to CF social workers – Although this article details what’s happening in the UK, there are some important notes on the role of the social worker in the CF care team.

03/23/2021Computer-designed Enzyme May Help to Kill P. aeruginosa in Biofilms – Researchers have found another promising avenue to attack Pseudomonas. This study was focused on breaking down the bacteria’s protective biofilm.

03/24/2021The (Kind of) End of a Long Road – Another step in Gunnar Esiason’s journey through the COVID-19 maze. You might compare your thoughts on post-vaccine activities with Gunnar’s.

03/25/2021How I Got My Son to See the Importance of Taking His CF Medications – Raising a child with CF has all the challenges of parenthood with a few extra thrown in, such as some important conversations.

03/26/2021Bacterial Fatty Acids May Play Role in Exacerbations in CF Children – This study noted that lung inflammation can be caused by bacteria not normally associated with CF, and can continue after IV antibiotics. As with many studies, this one indicated more research is required for a complete picture.

03/27/2021Blindsided by CF at 52 – It’s quite unusual that the CF diagnosis comes AFTER the lung transplant consult.

03/28/2021Copper foam as a highly efficient, durable filter for reusable masks and air cleaners – Masks are regular gear for the CF community. This research may provide more efficient models.

03/29/2021Every March, My Body Remembers the Trauma of Almost Dying – Aside from its human interest aspects, this story reminds us of the importance of the mental health component of CF.

03/31/2021Reflections on a year of shielding and lockdowns – This summary was developed by UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust and, therefore, the details are specific to the UK. That said, it’s good to compare your experiences to those in other parts of the world.

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