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CFFC Facebook Posts – May 2020 – Part 1

05/01/2020Types of CFTR Mutations – May is CF Awareness Month. So, we are going to share links to basic information. This information will not necessarily new to you, but it may information you want to share with acquaintances to bring them up to speed on life with CF.

05/02/2020Treatments and Therapies – Continuing the CF Awareness month theme, here is a handy one page summary of CF treatments and therapies prepared by CF Ireland.

05/03/2020 – CF-Related Diabetes – CF Awareness Month. When you mention CF, thoughts go to lungs and digestion. CF related diabetes is also common within the community.

05/04/2020Lung Transplantation – CF Awareness Month. With advances in techniques and medications, transplantation has become a more option for those with advanced lung disease.

05/05/2020The Sweat Test – CF Awareness Month. While all newborns are screened for CF, the sweat test is still the definitive means for diagnosing CF. This pamphlet from CF Ireland provides an outline of the sweat test.

05/06/2020The Counseling Connection – CF Awareness Month. Mental health is an aspect of CF that may not get adequate recognition. This view of the importance of mental health care is provided by a practitioner with CF who also seeks therapy.

05/07/2020Being Transgender and Non-Binary in a CF World – CF Awareness Month (in a unique way). The primary themes of this blog are self-avocacy and care team building; however, the more subtle message is that CF is a non-discriminating disease.

05/08/2020COVID-19 Data Dump Delivers Good News for Cystic Fibrosis Population – CF Awareness Month – Gunnar Esiason points out news that is unsuspectingly positive for the CF population.

05/09/2020Research blast on… inflammation – CF Awareness Month – This “fun” report from UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust explains the balance necessary in managing inflammation.

05/10/2020Recommendations Issued About Managing Chronic Disease in Children – CF Awareness Month – Perhaps awareness can go in many directions. The recommendations noted in this article are probably no surprise to those caring for children with CF; the news is that they are being more broadly recognized and accepted.

05/11/2020 – From Mist Tents to Trikafta – CF Awareness Month – This heart-warming story is a bit of a history lesson in the treatment of CF as well as a reminder of the importance of a support network.

05/12/2020Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) – CF Awareness Month – PICC lines help with long-term IV treatments. This fact sheet from CF Australia can help you explain PICC lines to family and friends.

05/13/2020To the Person Living in Defiance of Social Distancing – CF Awareness Month – Gunnar Esiason uses his CF experience to relate to the reactions to social distancing.

05/14/2020Researchers Develop Promising Antibiotic Molecule for Drug-resistant Lung Infections – CF Awareness Month – Time for some good news in the fight against things that invade our bodies.

05/15/2020Trikafta Caused My Anxiety and Depression to Return – CF Awareness Month – You know those long lists of side effects at the end of drug advertisements? Even the best drugs can have a dark side.

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