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CFFC Facebook Posts – May 2021 – Part 1

05/01/2021Researchers discover how Mycobacterium abscessus evolves – We have heard a lot about virus mutations over the last year. This study of bacterial mutations may hold a key to more effective treatments.

05/04/2021 – What Three Transplants Has Taught Me – Learning about the many aspects of CF the hard way.

05/05/2021My Health Is More Than Charts and Numbers – This story relates an important aspect of self-advocacy: knowing what your body is telling you.

05/06/2021Move over CRISPR, the Retrons are coming – A new approach that may provide a safer alternative to genetic therapy.

05/07/2021Marlene’s Story of Living 86 Years With CF – 86 years?!? That certainly sets a high bar for life expectations.

05/08/2021The European Commission approves extension of Kaftrio – This announcement from CF Ireland reminds us of two facts: (1) the approval process for new drugs varies from country to country, and (2) further research is essential since CFTR modulators do not benefit everyone with CF.

05/09/202141st Kit Taylor Memorial Lecture – Get an in depth review of the progress that has been made in CF care with a peek into the future.

05/10/2021Test, Treat Lung Infections Early, Analysis Suggests – Further evidence of the importance of early identification and treatment of infections.

05/11/2021Cystic Fibrosis at 30 – Many of us remember when the 30th birthday was an idealistic milestone in CF. While it is still significant, it has a different feel today, as Gunnar Esiason explains in this blog.

05/12/2021Navigating CF’s Ups and Downs – This blogger has some suggestions for dealing with the ebbs and flows of life with CF.

05/13/2021How our research makes a difference: the Trust’s research impact report – CF research takes place all across the globe. This article, and the linked report, provides insight into the work being done in the UK. (The way the efforts are categorized is interesting.)

05/14/2021Creating Community for Mothers with CF – Two take aways from this article. One, the importance of a supporting community. Two, the nature of support evolves as life with CF evolves.

05/15/2021Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100,000-fold, research shows – This is great news out of Australia. More effective Tobramycin, with no increased toxicity, could mean shorter treatments and less resistance.

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