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CFFC Facebook Posts – May 2022 – Part 2

05/16/2022Artificial cell membrane channels composed of DNA can be opened and locked with a key – This research was not specifically geared to CF but artificially created channels could be a solution for CF mutations that are not addressed by CFTR modulators.

05/18/2022Have You Met Cynthia Fibrosis? – As this story illustrates, it is important to embrace CF as a reality and then take charge of your life.

05/19/2022What To Do When “Most People Will Be Fine” And You Are Not “Most People” – An interesting view of the CF-meets-COVID world from a pharmacist who is a post-tranplant person living with CF.

05/202022In Pakistan, Life With CF Is Hard – CF Awareness Month is a good time to enhance our understanding that CF affects people of all nationalities and religions.

05/21/2022 Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day – We may have missed the actual date for International Clinical Trials Day; however, we can still celebrate the benefits of clinical trials.

05/22/2022How My Exercise Capacity Improved After Going on Oxygen – Here’s another story of taking control of the challenges thrown at you by CF.

05/23/2022In a First, Bacteriophages Eliminate Treatment-resistant Lung Infection – Although this article reports on a single case, the results are promising for the use of phage therapy in advanced lung disease.

05/24/2022Kansas City-area teen with cystic fibrosis calls breakthrough drug ‘a miracle’ – A local news human interest story provides a good overview of the success of Trikafta with recognition that this miracle is not available to everyone with CF.

05/26/2022Hot topics from UKCFC, the UK’s biggest CF research conference – A reminder that CF research goes on around the world – and that’s a good thing.

05/27/2022How Having CF Shaped My Nursing Career – Success is the art of blending your personal life and your chosen career.

05/28/2022Cystic fibrosis: Restoring airway integrity – This research demonstrates that restoring a liquid film in the lungs can restore the natural protections hindered by CF; however, more research is necessary to define a delivery technique. It is notable that this approach is independent of the particular CF mutation.

05/29/2022How Will You Use Your Breath In This Life? – Self awareness is a key to success in life with CF. That same self awareness can guide your career path.

05/31/2022Having an Eating Disorder and CF – As we all know, CF does not give you an exemption from all the other human ailments.

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