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CFFC Facebook Posts – November 2017 – Part 1

For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of November 2017.

11/01/2017My Mother’s Life Overshadowed CF – A story of determination and a life lived fully.

11/02/2017The microbial anatomy of an organ – Advanced technology may provide a new way to use data to better target treatments.

11/03/2017Phone or Video Messaging Is a Viable Option for Monitoring CF Patients, NICE Guideline Says – A promising treatment standard from across the pond. Telemedicine not only saves on travel time but also reduces the risk of cross-infection in clinic settings.

11/04/2017Breathe In Ep. #4 – Dating – Making awkward moments even more awkward. Just one more “benefit” of CF.

11/05/2017How Theratyping Will Bring Modulators to More People With CF – A report from the recently concluded North American Cystic Fibrosis lays out the progress made in expanding the use of CF modulators.

11/06/2017‘Real-Life Walk to Remember’: Strangers Help Give Woman in Need of 2nd Double Lung Transplant Her Dream Wedding – While this may seem like an exceptional story, it is typical of those living with CF grabbing as much of life as they can.

11/07/2017Orkambi Reduces Main Biomarker of CF, Vertex Says in Updated Results on Four Therapies – Updated results on the research into the effectiveness of Orkambi in children.

11/08/2017Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Awards Sen. Susan Collins the Breath of Life Legislator Award – Sen. Collins made headlines in the national health care debate. CFF has recognized her efforts on behalf of the CF community.

11/10/2017Sinus Health Post 3- Oil Pulling – CFFC president Kori Tolbert Doherty has published the third post in her series on the methods she uses to mitigate the sinus problems experienced by people living with CF.

11/11/2017Home Energy Assistance Program 2017 – As the temperatures drop below freezing, here is timely information on home heating financial assistance.

11/12/20176 Ways to Help You Take Care of Your Lungs – There are no surprises in this list, but sometimes it’s good to state the obvious to bring the ideas into our conscious mind.

11/13/2017 Cystic Fibrosis Christmas Ball 2017 – The annual Christmas Ball raises money for Just Breathe Foundation. The foundation makes grants to individuals in the local CF community.

11/14/2017Patient Voices: Cystic Fibrosis – When our cause makes a major media outlet, you’ve got to share it. [Thanks, Chris, for pointing us to this NYT article.]

11/15/2017How I Overcame B. cepacia’s Emotional Hold – Living with CF – that is, getting the most out of life despite CF – means conquering emotional, as well as physical, challenges.

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