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CFFC Facebook Posts – November 2020 – Part 2

11/16/2020The unique support a sibling can bring – We often talk ab out the important role parents play in CF care, but siblings are also an key part of the support network.

11/17/2020Why It Didn’t Matter That My Future Wife Had CF or a Lung Transplant – CF doesn’t define the life of spouses and more than it defines the life of the person with CF.

11/18/2020Key advance for printing circuitry on wearable fabrics – Isn’t science wonderful. Can you imagine sending key data to your doctors, or receiving doses of medicine, simply by wearing a shirt with embedded technology.

11/19/2020Praising the Caregivers Who Helped Me Endure – This blog is a salute to National Family Caregivers Month.

11/20/2020CF Foundation Seeks Input from Communities of Color – CFF is seeking to make their approach more inclusive.

11/21/2020A. fumigatus Lung Infections Linked to Age, Long-term Antibiotic Use – We know long-term antibiotic use has consequences. This study points to a correlation with fungal infections.

11/22/2020 – New effective and safe antifungal isolated from sea squirt microbiome – Yesterday we posted a link to a study on fungal infection risk. The study in this link points to an answer to deal with drug resistant fungus strains (including Aspergillus fumigatus).

11/24/2020How I Found Acceptance for My Trikafta Weight Gain – Just in time for Thanksgiving, this blogger talks about coming to grips with one of the “benefits” of Trikafta.

11/25/2020NACFC 2020 Sessions Available on YouTube – Here’s your opportunity to take a deep dive into current information on CF. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has created a YouTube page that contains the livestream archive from the 2020 NACFC.

11/26/2020Thanksgiving isn’t Lost This Year – A timely message from Gunnar Esiason. While we may not be able to enjoy some traditions, there is still many reasons to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

11/27/2020My Experience With COVID-19 – The mix of CF and COVID-19 is a daunting thought. Here is a story from someone who has had to deal with that double whammy.

11/28/2020Researchers identify features that could make someone a virus super-spreader – This research was driven by the spread of COVID-19 but it is also relevant the risk of air-borne infection in the CF community.

11/29/2020How I Sustain My Daily Care – Some advice on maintaining compliance with care protocols.

11/30/2020Making Holidays Happier – Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

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