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CFFC Facebook Posts – October 2018 – Part 1

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the first half of October.

10/01/2018CF Is in My Lungs and I’m Trying to Keep It Out of My Head – This writer explains that your mental outlook affects your physical condition.

10/02/2018MS1819-SD Shows Positive Results for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in Phase 2a Trial – This study points to a potential new source pancreatic enzyme supplements.

10/04/2018Hit ’em where they eat: Stealth drug fights resistant bacteria – Turns out that you can fool bacteria into destructive “eating” habits.

10/05/2018Paying More Attention to Infection Risk Now That I’m a Father – An interesting perspective on cross-contamination.

10/06/2018CF Treatments Made Me Deaf, but Sound Is More Beautiful Than Ever Before – The risk of hearing loss does not get as much attention as other CF side effects.

10/07/2018My CF Life Motto – Some Canadian CFers share their mottos for getting through life.

10/08/2018Comment on CFF Transplant Guidelines – Please help CFF with this important project.

10/09/2018 – Antibiotics Make Bacteria More Resistant by Lowering Microbial Diversity in Lungs, Study Suggests – This research points to the difficulty in designing treatments. It’s not just which antibiotics; it’s also how much and how often,

10/10/2018North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference – 2018 – Livestream – CFF has made a lot of progress with inclusion of the CF community in the premier conference dealing with all aspects of CF.

10/11/2018Bicarbonate Eyed as Weapon to Combat 2 Most Prevalent Bacteria in CF – You may not like the idea of adding more elements to your treatment regimen, but what if it slows the growth of persistent bacteria.

10/12/2018 – Darcy’s Blog: When Mental Health Issues Go Unnoticed – Mental health or emotional issues are an often invisible component of an invisible disease.

10/13/2018The Pains of Pain Management – Managing pain along with other aspects of CF is complicated enough. It has become more complicated in the wake of opioid abuse.

10/14/2018I’m DrowningA researcher-patient’s plea for broader inclusion in cystic fibrosis trials – An interesting (and valid) call for revising the criteria used for admission in clinical trials.

10/15/2018Clinical Trial Alerts – CFF recently issued a notice presenting the results of five completed clinical trials.

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