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CFFC Facebook Posts – October 2018 – Part 2

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the second half of October.

10/16/2018It is Possible to be 100% Compliant With Your CF Treatments – You’re Wrong If You Think Otherwise – So, how would you rate your compliance with your treatment schedule?

10/17/2018What brings you joy? – Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving a month and a half before we do in the US. But we can look at what brings us joy every day.

10/18/2018Let’s Talk About What a CF Cure Really Means – As great advances are made in Cf treatments, this examination of “a cure” puts the discussion in perspective.

10/19/2018Having CF Doesn’t Mean You Have to Settle – People living with CF don’t have to forgo relationships or accept less than they deserve.

10/20/2018CFFC Is Now on Instagram – Another avenue for staying in touch with CFFC.

10/21/2018Tips for Keeping a Germ-free Household – Nothing new here but it is good to refresh these ideas as we dive into flu season.

10/22/2018CFF Seeks Input for Research Virtual Event – You still have a week to share your opinion on what you would like to learn about CF research.

10/23/2018Anxiety: How It Affects More Than the Person With CF – The impact of CF stretches beyond the person with the disease.

10/24/2018Compliance Is One of Our Toughest Mental and Physical Battles – A personal view of treatment compliance.

10/26/2018What It Means to Partner With Patients and What Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Should Do About It: My Final Thoughts From NACFC – Gunnar Eisason’s reflection on the recently completed national conference on CF. He tries to strike a balance between recognizing the progress CFF has made in including the CF community and commenting on what more needs to be done. Without taking sides, it is thought provoking.

10/28/2018Preclinical Study Data Demonstrate Lenabasum’s Potential to Prevent Inflammatory Signals in CF – Early results are promising for a treatment that reduces inflammation of the airways.

10/29/2018How a Late Diagnosis Made Me Strong – In addition to the inspirational message, this blog post reminds us that CF produces significant issues beyond the lungs.

10/30/2018Major Issues on Table for Rare Disease Patients in US as Midterm Elections Approach – This article is not being shared to promote any particular candidate or party; rather, to draw attention to the impact elections may have on your health.

10/31/2018The do’s and don’ts of travelling with CF – For those who travel for the winter holidays, here are some travel reminders from our friends in Canada.

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