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CFFC Facebook Posts – October 2019 – Part 1

10/01/2019Best foods to eat with cystic fibrosis – Good news: this is a long list.

10/02/2019North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (NACFC) – Read an announcement about this year’s NACFC (including the opportunities to live stream) on the CFFC calendar. The announcement includes links to the program and registration.

10/03/2019Hexoskin Smart Shirt Can Accurately Assess Respiratory Function, May Be Tool in CF, Study Shows – “Wearable technology” may turn out to be more than a fad. Imagine lung funtion tests that don’t require a trip to the clinic.

10/04/2019 Parenthood After a Lung Transplant – As treatments advance, “parenthood” and “transplant” are two words becoming more common in the CF community. This blog puts these words together in a touching story.

10/05/2019Patient-derived Mini-organs Work as ‘Avatars’ to Test CF Treatments – The dream of personalized medications may becoming true in Australia. Exciting progress in the use a patient’s own cells to test medications in the lab.

10/06/2019What to know about nitric oxide supplements – Nitric oxide is sometimes mentioned as an alternative medicine for CF. This article provides a broad analysis of the product.

10/07/2019Motocross Freed Me From CF Depression – We’re not recommending motocross for everyone, but the message in this story is to find an activity that feeds your spirit.

10/08/2019Debunking the Myths About Vaccine Safety – As we enter the flu season, it is important to understand the importance of flu vaccination for ourselves and for those around us. This article may help getting around resistance to vaccination.

10/09/2019New intra-nasal imaging to study airways in patients with cystic fibrosis – A new, mildly invasive technique to study the impact of CF airways.

10/10/2019Sharing My Story on Social Media Without Oversharing My Son’s CF Journey – Social media is another area where dealing with CF requires balance. This blog describes how one mom strikes that balance.

10/11/2019What’s on your mind? CF and mental health – England’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust provides good overview of mental health care as a component of CF treatment.

10/12/2019Nurse appreciation – We talk a lot about treatments and clinics, but we can’t forget a key member of the hospitalization team that can make a real difference in your stay.

10/14/2019‘I’m Better at Being Sick Than You Are’: Chronic Illness Is Not a Competition – This blog touches on the fine line between sharing information with your peers and “bragging.”

10/15/2019What to know about acute respiratory failure – While this article is a general discussion of respiratory failure, it may help you understand a significant issue for those living with CF.

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