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CFFC Facebook Posts – October 2020 – Part 2

10/16/2020Tobacco Smoke Exposure Limits Symdeko Benefit in Pediatric CF Patients – We know that second-hand smoke is harmful to those living with CF. This study indicates that smoke also reduces the effectiveness of CFTR modulators.

10/17/2020Scientists engineer bacteria-killing molecules from wasp venom – Next time you see a wasp (a Korean yellow-jacket wasp in particular), you may want to thank it rather than swat it.

10/18/2020Managing Bipolar Disorder and CF – This blog is a reminder that CF does not create an exemption from other disorders that afflict the general population.

10/19/2020Toronto Scientist Wins Award for Work Into Alternative Way of Treating CF – This research is good news for those with nonsense CFTR mutations by looking at other protein channels.

10/20/2020Contemplating Our Identity – How does CF impact your identity? This blogger throws the community reaction to COVID into the mix.

10/21/2020Health Insurance Coverage and Open Enrollment Periods – The 2020 open enrollment period for health insurance starts on November 1. This guide from CFF Compass can help you with making the right choice for you. You can also contact a Compass case manager for assistance.

10/22/2020With Trikafta Turning One Today, I LOVE Seeing All the Health Anniversaries – Gunnar shares his thoughts – and thoughts of many others – on the first anniversary of Trikafta.

10/23/2020How Scientists Are Going to Tackle a Genetic-Based Therapy for CF – This blog reports on the opening plenary session at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference which dealt with the status of gene therapy. The blogger lists his four take-aways from the session but the article includes a link to a video of the session so you can draw your own conclusions.

10/24/2020Spreading Holiday Cheer – CFFC wants to brighten your home with a wreath or poinsettia. Check out the details in the link.

10/26/2020Telehealth ‘Helpful’ Alternative to In-person Care, Rare Disease Patients Say – No surprise here, but it’s always good to support your assumptions with facts.

10/28/2020Preclinical Work Supports ELX-02, Potential Treatment for Nonsense Mutations – This research holds promise of a CFTR modulator for nonsense mutations.

10/29/2020Pursuing My Goal to be a Pharmacist After Transplant – A lung transplant can give a new life. An additional miracle occurs when that new life is devoted to a science that helps those with CF.

10/30/2020Mechanics of mucus in cystic fibrosis patients – Some more basic science that can pave the way for better treatments.

10/31/2020Spreading Holiday Cheer – There are still a few days left for ordering a wreath or poinsettia to add a little holiday cheer to your household.

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