10/01/2022“We need to see and listen to everybody in the cystic fibrosis community”: Cydney’s story – A reminder from the UK that generalizations about the CF population can have negative consequences for those who do not match common image.

10/04/2022Western NY Breath of Life Gala – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Western New York Chapter is recognizing, among others, Donna Germuga with the Excellence in Care Award. As you know, Donna is a respiratory tech who works at both the pediatric and adult clinics.

10/05/2022The Importance of Friends in My Health Journey With CF – The support network of family and friends is a critical element in the CF physical and mental health care plan.

10/06/2022 Robotic drug capsule can deliver drugs to gut – Another one for the science geeks. This research deals with delivering drugs in the intestines but the notion of drilling through mucus barriers suggests a potential CF application.

10/07/2022How I Protect Myself From Daycare Germs as a Parent With CF – Seeking a “normal” life requires a thoughtful approach to staying healthy.

10/08/2022CFFC’s Expanded Holiday Decor Offer – With summer in our rear view mirror, CFFC is looking forward to the fall/winter holiday season. We are again offering the opportunity to brighten the day for a loved one with a piece of holiday décor.

10/09/2022Anti-inflammatory Medications in CF May Help Reduce Lung Bacteria – Drug combos are common in treating lung infections. This research indicates a different kind of combo may be more effective in reducing antibiotic resistance.

10/10/2022Cystic fibrosis patients can benefit from vitamin supplements, research shows – Therapies don’t have to be complex; vitamin supplements can help reduce inflammation.

10/11/2022CF Can’t Stop My Creativity – CF can change the path but doesn’t have to end the pursuit of a dream.

10/12/2022The Trust’s Clinical Trials Accelerator Platform receives funding from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for the next five years – Valuable research takes place around the world for the benefit of the entire CF community, so it is logical for the US Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to support the UK’s Cystic Fibrosis Trust research program.

10/13/2022Trikafta Treatment Clears Aspergillus Fungus in CF: Pilot Study – More good news on the use of Trikafta.

10/15/2022Supporting promising young scientists in gene and stem cell research – This article concerning two young researchers funded by Cystic Fibrosis Canada gives insight into the intricacies of CF research.