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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2016 – Part 2

09/16/2016Arthritis Treatment Seen to Ease Inflammation and Lung Damage in Cystic Fibrosis – Medicines developed to treat one condition are sometimes found to be effective against totally different conditions.

09/17/2016Finding My Truth: Learning to Cope with CF – A dark story with a happy ending. This also touches on one part of the CFFC mission – to connect individuals within the local CF community.

09/18/2016Scientists Find Protein ‘Talks’ to Wrong Partners in Cystic Fibrosis – So, the CFTR protein is also subject to distracted driving?

09/19/2016Finding a Balance Between CF and Childhood – Here’s a story about a challenge that continues into adulthood.

09/20/2016Insulin and oral agents for managing cystic fibrosis-related diabetes – This technical report demonstrates that, in some cases, different treatments can be more personal choice rather than results based.

09/21/2016Making it Matter Cystic Fibrosis Podcast Ep. #7 – How to Stay Busy When You’re Sick – Gunnar Esiason and his podcast partner, Julia Rae, talk about passing time while your sick.

09/22/2016How Do Our Lungs Work? – Not specifically CF, but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics.

09/23/2016Why It Isn’t About Me – Bad things do happen to good people. This story provides an example of getting the proper frame of mind for dealing with “bad things.”

09/24/2016CF Foundation Officially Opens One-of-a-Kind Research Lab – The Cystic Fibrorsis Foundation takes a big step in it’s efforts to identify and promote new treatments.

09/25/20165 Facts About CF, Reproduction and Sex – Information for adults living with CF on an important but sensitive topic.

09/26/2016New Diagnostic Tool Able to Detect Key but Difficult Microbe in CF Lung Infections – Earlier diagnosis leads to earlier treatment which produces faster recovery. This diagnostic tool could result in earlier detection of BCC.

09/27/2016Teaching the Teachers: Putting a 504 Plan Into Practice – One of the many hurdles CF families face is gaining an appropriate understanding of CF in school.

09/28/2016CF Gender Gap May Be Caused by Estrogen-Protein Conflict – Apparently, CFTR mutations do not practice gender equality. This article describes new molecular biology research with a twist relating to estrogen.

09/30/2016Navigating Insurance – Finances are a significant part of effective health care. The CF Foundation has added a section on “Navigating Insurance” to their web site.

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