For our web visitors who do not follow CFFC on Facebook, here are the posts added in the first half of September 2017.

09/03/2017A Few Things I’d Tell My Freshman Self – Speaking of back to school, here’s one person’s advice for another major change in life.

09/04/2017Good Nutrition May Slow Cystic Fibrosis Patients’ Lung Disease Progression, Review Reports – While this article focuses on end-stage CF, good nutrition is always important to sustain the energy required to live with CF.

09/05/2017Video Guide to Creating a Chronic Illness Survival Pack – A brief look at the essentials to carry when you leave home ending with the question: “What would you add?”

09/06/2017FDA Recall Announcements – Recalls that may affect you.

09/07/2017How I’m Becoming a Service Dog for My Mom With CF – A cute story about a dog with specialized training to help a CF adult.

09/08/2017Pollution Increases Risk of Young Children with CF Developing an Antibiotic-resistant Bacterial Infection, Study Finds – Clean air is especially important for individuals growing up with CF.

09/09/2017Disaster Preparedness Tips for People Living with Chronic Illness – Gunnar shares resources for surviving a natural disaster. While Rochester typically escapes the full force of hurricanes, snow and ice storms loom in our future.

09/10/2017Lab-made “mini organs” helping doctors treat cystic fibrosis – Another example advancing the concept of personalized treatments.

09/11/2017CFFC Living with CF Golf Tournament – 2017 Results – Another great fund raising event in the books.

09/12/2017Cystic Fibrosis Symptom Severity May be Influenced by Gene Clusters – Although this article is a couple of year’s old, the findings shed light on the variations in treatment effectiveness.

09/13/2017Learning to Embrace Treatments Around My In-Laws – Adapting to an expanded family through marriage is just one more aspect of life made more challenging by CF.

09/14/2017New Group of Modifier Genes in CF Patients with F508del Mutation May Explain Disease Variability, Study Suggests – A follow up to Tuesday’s post. This more recent article looks at additional explanations for the variability in CF presentations.

09/15/2017Brayden Merrill, #MyFitCFLife Contest Winner – In this edition of Jerry Cayhiil’s podcasts, a teenager talks about CF as his motivation for exercise.