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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2018 – Part 1

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the first half of September.

09/01/2018Darcy’s Blog: Cystic Fibrosis as the New Normal – Some interesting insight from the “significant other” point of view.

09/02/2018MRSA Difficult to Eradicate, Even With Multimodal Antibiotics, CF Study Finds – This study is a reminder that understanding is advanced by research trials even when the desired results are not achieved.

09/03/2018Dealing With Body Issues as a Teen With CF – Just one more aspect of growing up with CF.

09/04/2018New Research on Pancreatic Ducts’ Formation Offers New Insights for CF – Research into how the body works (and how it is formed) provides the basis for discovering treatments to correct the defects produced by CF.

09/05/2018Cystic Fibrosis is Still Killing People Before They Turn 30 – Gunnar deals with a scary, but important, truth that can be overshadowed by success stories.

09/06/2018A Guide for CF at School – A new resource from Ireland that may be helpful here.

09/07/2018Coping With the Uncertainties of My Disease – An all to familiar story about finding a new “normal.”

09/08/2018Vertex, Genomics Team Up in Quest for Genetics-based, Precision Medicines – An interesting combination of sciences geared toward treatments customized to an individuals genetics. The collaboration across the Atlantic Ocean is noteworthy as well.

09/09/2018Your CF Morning Routine – How do these experiences match up with your morning routine?

09/10/20185 Things I’d Tell a Parent of a Child Newly Diagnosed With CF – Parents can advise parents, but it’s even better when “children” advise parents.

09/11/2018Vertex and Treating CF: 3 Disease-modifying Therapies Make Leap from Lab to Patients – Second in a series on the development of Vertex CF treatments.

09/12/2018How Many CF Clinics Have You Been To? The Anti-Vaxxers Are after Me! NFL Week 1 Recap – Two interesting points about CF with a bonus for those who like football.

09/13/2018The 4 Deaths that Mold Me – We can still draw inspiration for those who have left this life.

09/14/2018Your Stories of Random Acts of Kindness – Feel free to add your own story of random acts of kindness in a comment to this post.

09/15/2018Mutations Linked to Severe CF Seen to Affect Health of Heart’s Left Ventricle in Study – As if you wanted to know that CF impacts even more organs….

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