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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2018 – Part 2

For those who do not visit Facebook, here are the posts to the CFFC page for the Second half of September.

09/16/2018Gunnar is Gross – Loving someone with CF means never making them say they’re sorry.

09/17/2018 – The Claire Wineland Message I Hope We Never Forget – Mighty messages to make the most of life with CF.

09/18/2018Monday Morning Thoughts: My Visit to CFF, Smart Report, and Disaster Relief – Once again, Gunnar Esiason presents thought provoking (and useful) topics in is Monday musings.

09/19/2018Success with Therapies Research Topics – Please help CFF investigate ways to improve care outcomes.

09/20/2018Electronic Nose Offers Easy, Accurate Test for CF in Children, Pilot Study Finds – Non-invasive technology could be a big boon when working with children.

09/21/2018How to tell someone about your chronic illness – Some Canadian CFers share ideas on how to (or not to) share information about CF.

09/22/2018Demystifying the Colonoscopy – Another way that CF makes your .treatment regimen different.

09/23/2018 – Helping CF Teams know when to talk about transplants – The decision to proceed with transplantation is very subjective, but objective science can improve the decision-making process.

09/24/2018Dietary Flavonoids May Help in Managing CF Through Impact on Gut Bacteria, Small Study Suggests – This study shows that elements of your diet may have an impact on lung disease; however, further study is required to determine specific dietary recommendations,

09/25/2018How Are Drugs Priced? – The cost of medications is a hot topic in the national health care debate and is of particular interest in the CF community. This blog post presents one individual’s analysis; however, the source of the cited data is not identified.

09/26/2018BreatheCon – It’s not to late to register for this event coming up Friday and Saturday. [NOTE: It is now too late to register.]

09/27/2018 – Cases of Injustices, Humiliations, and Sorrows – We like to share positive stories, but that’s not a complete picture. As this writer says, sometimes you just have to vent.

09/28/2018My Emotional Wellness Toolkit – Mental health is a critical component in the CF care plan. This blog presents some strategies to address the emotional side.

09/29/2018Darcy’s Blog: Guilt and Sacrifice – This blog is about a part of CF’s emotional strain this is seldom talked about.

09/30/2018Telavancin Promising Potential Treatment Option for MRSA in Cystic Fibrosis Patients – Another entry in the search for effective treatment of MRSA. The article uses technical jargon, but core message is clear.

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