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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2019 – Part 1

09/01/2019Clinical Trial Alerts – August 2019 – Cystic Fibrosis Foundation released several clinical trial updates in August, most of which provide reports of competed trials.

09/02/2019MAC Lung Infections Best Treated When Specific Bacterial Species Known, Study Finds – This study demonstrates two things. One, the advances in genetics allow for more precise diagnosis. Two, more precise diagnosis leads to more effective treatment.

09/04/2019Resources for Supporting Families Coping with Chronic Illness – A collection of links to a lot of good information has been compiled by Online MSW Programs.

09/05/2019Long-term use of Kalydeco reduces lung infections according to Registry analysis – An interesting finding drawn from the data captured in the UK CF registry.

09/06/2019The Kind of Friend We Deserve – Your personal support system is a critical part of overcoming the challenges presented by CF.

09/07/2019Living with CF Golf Tournament – One week to go until CFFC’s golf tournament. Our sponsors are lined up. Southern Meadows Golf Club is in great condition. The long range weather forecast is look marvelous. All we need is you! Send an email to to secure a slot in the tournament. It’s not too late to sign up.

09/08/2019Things I Learned After Gallbladder Surgery – We know that CF does not give you a pass on the rest of the health issues that affect the rest of the population. This blog shares some observations on minor surgery.

09/09/2019Amikacin Liposome Therapy Has Similar Efficacy as Tobramycin for P. aeruginosa, Study Shows – Another weapon in the arsenal to combat Pseudomonas.

09/10/2019Cystic fibrosis carriers: What to know – This article provides information about the population with only one copy of the CF gene mutation.

09/112019Exercise and transition: helping to make the jump – We know the importance of exercise in CF care. This article notes on the importance of focusing on physical activity during the transition from pediatric to adult care.

09/12/2019A. Fumigatus Fungus Linked to Worse Respiratory Quality of Life in People with CF, Study Finds – We naturally pay a lot of attention to bacteria and viruses; however, fungal infections can be equally problematic.

09/13/2019The Ebbs and Flows of CF Complications – This blog presents a good example of the unpredictably of CF.

09/14/2019Traveling with CF: Chelsea’s trip in Greece – CF has its challenges, but this story from the CF Canada blog shows that they don’t have to keep you from enjoying special events.

09/15/2015Public Comment Opportunity on Value of Potential New Therapy – A chance to have your personal perspective added to discussions of CF treatments.

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