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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2019 – Part 2

09/16/2019Living with CF Golf Tournament 2019 Results – Another successful event was held on Saturday the 14th. The golfers went home with prizes, but CFFC was the real winner.

09/17/2019Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Parent of a Child With CF – The blog author lists 7 things not to say. Have you heard them all?

09/19/2019Prenatal Testing for Cystic Fibrosis Influences Pregnancy Outcomes, Review Finds – The ethics associated with prenatal testing have been discussed ever since the identification of the CF gene. This article concludes with the recommendation for “nondirective counseling” when prenatal testing is being considered or has been conducted.

09/20/2019Knowing When You’ve Reached Your Limit (Then How to Effectively Communicate It and Reset) – Self awareness (listening to your body and responding accordingly) is a key element in maintaining your health.

09/21/2019The Power in Choosing with Kori Tolbert – CFFC past president Kori Tobert Doherty is dedicated to self advocacy and the power we have to influence the outcome of our healthcare. In this podcast, she discusses the principles and goals of her Booster Jots program.

09/22/2019Avoiding CF Information Overload – Is it odd for a CF internet source to suggest caution in internet CF sources? Well, there are some useful tips in this blog.

09/23/2019Physical Activity Levels in CF Should Be Objectively Researched, Review Says – Sometimes, we don’t need studies to reveal the nature of CF treatments; however, the study suggests that properly defined research could lead to more specific guidelines.

09/24/2019Average life expectancies for cystic fibrosis – Here is another article that summarizes information that may be useful in explaining CF to family and friends.

09/25/2019Research Blast on… the CFTR gene – An interesting look a three facts about the CFTR gene which may be new to you.

09/26/2019Whatever it takes; to be a mom for as long as I can – A personal look at the balancing act required of parents who have CF. A sub-story involves a peek at the Canadian healthcare system from the CF perspective.

09/27/2019I Want to Break Up with My CF Clinic – CF has always been a complex disease. The complexity increases as the individual’s age increases. This blog discusses the match (or potential mismatch) of the CF clinic model and the expanding needs of adults with CF.

09/28/2019The Ebbs and Flows of CF Complications – As the understanding of CF has advanced, “ups” have been introduced to somewhat offset the long-standing “downs.”

09/29/2019Publications from Cystic Fibrosis Australia – Cystic Fibrosis Australia produced a number of easy-to-read brochures on topics covering the full range of life with CF.

09/30/2019The Two Sides of Loneliness – Isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety. Terms all too familiar in the CF community. This blog relates how one woman deals with them.

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