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CFFC Facebook Posts – September 2020 – Part 1

09/01/2020Preventing infection, facilitating healing: New biomaterials from spider silk – Science is a fascinating thing; especially when benefits come from unusual sources. [BTW: Think twice before you kill a spider.]

09/02/2020Transplant Anniversaries Acknowledge Trauma and Triumph – Transplantation affects your emotional well-being as well as your physical well being.

09/03/2020Two Years Ago This Week, I Decided My Life Needed to Change – Gunnar Esiason’s story suggests that this time of disruption may be an opportunity to consider where you go from here.

09/04/2020Choosing Kindness Over Anger – This blogger tells us that attitude matters.

09/05/2020Vertex Seeks to Expand FDA Approval of CFTR Modulators to Include More Mutations – Extending the the approved use of existing CFTR modulators to more mutations is consistent with the “no one left behind” strategy for CF treatments.

09/06/2020New Technology Could Improve Detection of Biomarkers for CF, Other Diseases – CF research has benefited from findings relating to other diseases. This article points to a situation where Findings intended for CF may benefit research on COVID19.

09/07/2020Research survey for rare disease patients and their families about impacts of COVID-19 – Research funded by NIH is seeking to document the impact COVID-19 is having on individuals with rare disease (which includes CF).

09/08/2020CF Prepared Me for Isolation, But Not Homeschooling – As schools reopen in NY, this blog may resonate with you.

09/09/2020Exploiting the weak spots in M abscessus to design new antibiotics – This article describes an exciting development in the battle against resistant bacteria.

09/10/2020Emergency Fund – CFFC can help meet immediate needs when you run short of money. Check out the details of our Emergency Fund program for families served by the Rochester CF Center.

09/11/2020Savara Closing Trial of Molgradex in Treating NTM Lung Infections in CF Patients – With all of the attention given to research successes, it is important to recognize that some proposals do not work out. Interestingly, the benefits of Trikafta played a role in ending the study.

09/12/2020 How Being a Black Woman Shaped My CF Journey – This blog touches on the ramification of being in a rare demographic for a rare disease.

09/13/2020How to Keep Your Growth Game Strong – The author provides strategies for dealing with the CF cha-cha (five steps forward, three steps back).

09/14/2020Survey Opportunity: COVID-19 Vaccine – Share your views on the implications of a COVID-19 vaccine.

09/15/2020Putting Convenience Before the Vulnerable – This blogger is expressing concerns you may have.

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