09/01/2022Durable coating kills COVID virus, other germs in minutes – While the title of this article refers to COVID, the research indicates the technique also kills MRSA which would make treated spaces safer for the CF community.

09/02/2022The Question Nobody Has Asked About My CF – By asking a unique question, this blogger has found a positive perspective on her life with CF.

09/03/2022All the Years Are the Good Years: On Making Peace With Time – Have you ever wished to could travel to the past to do something differently? This blogger has a counter argument to that type of wish.

09/04/2022CF Foundation Celebrates Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act – This news bulletin from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation points to some specific benefits for the CF community in recent legislation.

09/06/2022Certain M. abscessus Variants Linked to Serious CF Lung Infections – The study of genetics can be applied to bacteria as well as humans. In this case, it may lead to more effective treatments.

09/07/2022Behind the Scenes of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Registry with Stephanie Cheng – While this article is about the Canadian CF registry, it does provide insight into the benefits of a comprehensive database.

09/08/2022Team developing oral insulin tablet sees breakthrough results – This research could be a game changer for the population dealing with CF-related diabetes.

09/09/2022Reducing Stigma Around CF – This blogger has been fortunate with the progress of her CF. That said, she is helping the entire community by sharing accurate and current information about the disease.

09/12/2022Newly Identified Defect Adds to Hyperinflammation in CF Lung Cells – This study indicates that an additional mutation may affect degree of inflammation in CF lungs.

09/14/20222022 Golf Results – CFFC hosted another successful golf tournament to raising money for our programs.

09/15/2022Manuka honey could help clear deadly drug-resistant lung infection, research finds – There is double good news in this study. In the lab, the honey/drug combination not only proved more effective in treating resistant bacterial infections, but also greatly reduced the amount of the drug required for the treatment.